The online customer satisfaction survey from EARtrak, Victoria, Australia, provides a forum for hearing care consumers worldwide to share experiences.

With the variation in outcomes at dispensing clinics, consumers’ collective voice could help pinpoint avenues for improving hearing care.

"Fewer than 20% of clinics conduct patient surveys to measure their performance," says Susan Clutterbuck, BSC(Hons), FACAud, MAudSA(CCP), MAAAPP, EARtrak VP, research and clinical studies. "Up until now, it has been difficult for most consumers to report their experiences of hearing care, including their satisfaction with hearing aids/devices. This development will give all consumers the chance to make their voice heard.

Click here to complete the Customer Satisfaction with Hearing Aids/Devices survey online, or print the form and mail it to EARtrak.

Clinics and consumer organizations can encourage clients to participate in the survey. Clinics can also register with EARtrak at [email protected] to receive a confidential report on what their customers are saying about their services.

The development of the online survey for consumers will enhance EARtrak’s ability to give independent performance ratings for clinics (up to five stars). “Consumers are looking for this independent information to guide them to the clinics delivering best performance," said  Clutterbuck. "It should not be left to chance for patients to find a good hearing care provider.”

EARtrak was designed to measure outcomes for a group of independent hearing care businesses in Australia, allowing them to evaluate individual practice performance against group benchmarks, according to its Web site. It was established as an independent company in 2005 and has since expanded to New Zealand, Germany, and the United States and it is undergoing trials in other countries.

[Source: EARtrak]