Rocklin, Calif — Know American Sign Language (ASL) or someone who does? Purple Communications is expanding its call centers across the United States. The company is seeking 50 video interpreters, 100 additional interpreters, as well as support and management positions.

Purple Video Relay Services (VRS) provides deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and business owners a means to communicate over video desktop and mobile devices with hearing individuals in real time using ASL interpreters. The service is free to deaf customers and to individuals with hearing loss.

“We currently employ more than 800 talented deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing individuals across the United States, and I am pleased Purple is in a position to add even more jobs to the economy,” said Purple CEO John Ferron. “We’re on track to reach $100 million in revenue this year, as we experience growth in all aspects of our service portfolio. We continue to invest heavily into our expansion efforts, in terms of both technology development and call center, network, and corporate infrastructure, it’s a very exciting time for Purple.”

Since its inception, Purple has focused on the deaf consumer, creating VRS call centers across the nation and developing advanced communications technology that makes calling faster and easier for the deaf and those with hearing loss. The company focuses on common communication platforms, such as smartphones.

“We have always invested in the customer experience, and are humbled at how many deaf and hard-of-hearing people choose Purple products and services,” said Mark Bella, vice president of sales. “We are proud to offer the best in VRS and video remote interpreting (VRI) to our loyal customers.”

In addition to expanding its consumer customer base, Purple has increased its business enterprise and large accounts divisions, concentrating on large businesses, corporations, hospitals, universities and schools, and government agencies that have deaf individuals as customers, employees, or students.

SOURCE: Purple Communications