Halmstad, Sweden — Swedish company Comfort Audio recently entered the United States market and is already making a name for itself. The company’s Comfort Digisystem was awarded Best New Product by the attendees at the 2011 AAA show in Chicago in April.

Comfort Audio’s product line complements traditional hearing aids, clarifying hearing in everyday environments, such as schools and workplaces that often have a high level of background noise. Their products use digital technologies to filter out disturbing background noise and enhance speech, making it easier for people with a hearing loss to hear, understand, and participate in all communication.

At the 2011 AAA hearing conference, attendees were asked to nominate the Best New Product of the Year. The prize was awarded to the Comfort Digisystem of Comfort Audio.

“Our Comfort Digisystem has received fantastic responses. This award is yet another proof that we are offering something really unique. With several exciting products in the pipeline, the market growth opportunities, and our current expansion, the future looks very promising,” said Inger Rydin, CEO of Comfort Audio, in the press announcement.

All Comfort Audio products are developed and produced in Sweden and are now available in more than 20 countries.

SOURCE: Comfort Audio

Photo: From left to right, August Pansell, Inger Rydin, Ragnar Åhgren, Ole Falcke, and Patrik Liljekvist at the AAA 2011 convention in Chicago.