More than 200 hearing care professionals from across the United States attended the 2009 OtiCongress held in August in Ireland, says a statement from Oticon, Somerset, NJ.

The conference brought together hearing and health care experts from around the world, who conducted seminars and workshops to give hearing care practitioners access to knowledge and tools to help provide optimal hearing solutions for patients, says the statement. OtiCongress educational sessions took place at Dublin’s Trinity College.

A key focus for conference was the new trends impacting hearing care that will shape the technology, tools, and knowledge that hearing care practitioners will use to improve the future for people with hearing loss, says the statement.

Oticon President Peer Lauritsen said in the statement that whatever the future holds for hearing care, the company is confident hearing care professionals will continue to be the prime movers "insuring that tomorrow’s advances or innovations successfully transform the lives of people with hearing loss,” he said. "It is their daily dedication and commitment to putting the needs of People First that will move modern hearing care to the next level."

Participants were given a preview of some new discoveries now under way in research laboratories around the world, says the statement.

[Source: Oticon]