Clear Digital Media (CDM), a company that develops custom digital media and patient engagement systems for the healthcare industry, announced that they have teamed up with Dr Alan Desmond as a contributing writer focused on dizziness and balance disorders, for their physician email engagement program, MDEmails™.

Alan Desmond, AuD

Alan Desmond, AuD

Desmond is the director of the new Balance Disorders Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, and holds an adjunct assistant professor faculty position at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is the author of two textbooks, several book chapters, and two educational booklets for primary care physicians, all related to dizziness and vertigo. He is a co-author of the original “Clinical Practice Guideline for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo,” and represents the American Academy of Audiology (AAA)  at the American Medical Association (AMA) on vestibular issues. He is the founder/former director of Blue Ridge Hearing and Balance Clinic in Bluefield and Princeton, West Virginia, where he practiced for 32 years. In 2015, he received the President’s Award from the AAA.

Desmond currently resides in North Carolina with his family. His professional interests are centered around helping primary care and emergency room physicians effectively manage dizzy patients at the entry level.

Desmond joins John Bakke, Bob Tysoe, Brian Taylor, and Suzanne Younker on the MDEmails™ contributor team.

“Patients are walking into physician practices complaining of feeling dizzy all the time. Dr Desmond provides expertly written content that highlights the importance of referring these patients for hearing evaluations,” said Brad Dodson, vice president of sales at Clear Digital Media. “Dr Desmond’s experience allows us to offer our MDEMails™clients a wider variety of content options to use when engaging the physicians in their community.”

“It’s important to communicate to the medical community the impact of untreated hearing loss and vestibular disorders, and the effective treatment options available to their patients,” Desmond said, adding, “MDEmails™is a great platform that the hearing healthcare industry can use to easily communicate this message with the medical professionals in their local community.”

Hearing Review has featured a series of blog postings by Desmond on topics related to vestibular testing fraud, the use of Meclizine to treat dizziness, and coffee intake for vestibular patients.

Source: Clear Digital Media