GN Hearing, a hearing aid manufacturer and developer of 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, announced the launch of Interton Ready, a next-generation hearing aid aiming to help more people with hearing loss stay connected with the world around them. The new Interton Ready is said to combine advanced GN sound technology and connectivity in a new value-based category of hearing aids.

“Too many people accept and learn to cope with hearing loss over time,” said Helen Ljungdahl Round, senior vice president, global marketing at GN Hearing. “They may prefer to avoid the hassle of finding a solution or confronting the problem. With the new Interton Ready from GN Hearing, we wish to challenge that behavior and show people that tackling hearing loss doesn’t have to be a big deal. They can benefit from our renowned, tested, and proven technology, in a great value hearing aid that will improve their ability to hear, stay active, feel confident, and, ultimately, live their best lives.”

New features make life easier for users
Interton Ready is built on the industry leading 2.4 GHz connectivity from GN Hearing, designed and engineered to make life easier for people with hearing loss. The new Made for Apple feature is designed to help users seamlessly stream calls and music directly from Apple devices to their hearing aids. The new Interton Sound™ app for both Apple and Android devices helps allow people to control and personalize their sound experience, according to GN Hearing.

Interton Ready will be available in a wide range of shapes and colors with Nano coating by end of August 2018 in the first markets.

Source: GN Hearing