Widex announced that Dr Jennifer Bobo, a Key Account Manager for the Central Region, has recently been awarded the Scott Haug Outstanding Texas Audiologist Award for 2019.

Jennifer Bobo

This award is presented to a Texas audiologist who, directly in their service to individuals with hearing loss or in volunteer efforts related to the field of hearing health care, has made outstanding contributions to the audiology industry.

For the past 10 years, Bobo has planned and organized the Texas Academy of Audiology conference, organizing and leading educational seminars.  She has also joined in legislatively to help fight for rights and technological advancements for individuals with hearing impairment, according to Widex’s announcement.  

Lastly, in addition to her “unparalleled service to patients,” Bobo has mentored students to “pave the way for the next generation of outstanding Texas audiologists.”

“Jennifer’s focus is excellence—her willingness to go above and beyond is all she does. She is a doer; She gets involved.  She encourages us to get involved too. It’s in her DNA to lead. Most of us are better for it,” said Kim Ringer, AuD, who presented Jennifer with the award.  

“Jennifer encourages us to be better, do better, and fight for our profession today and for the future.”

Source: Widex

Images: Widex