Widex USA announced that three of its hearing care solutions took home the top prize in three categories in the fourth annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.

Widex Sound Assist, Widex Zen, and Widex SoundRelax were cited for bringing meaningful new benefits to those living with hearing loss and tinnitus across three categories: Personal Listening Device: Remote Microphone Technology; Tinnitus Management: Mobile app; and Tinnitus management: device.

“Widex is committed to providing HCPs with innovative technology that makes a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of those they treat,” says Dana Helmink, AuD, sr. director of Audiological Development, Widex US. “From improving speech understanding in challenging noisy environments to leveraging soothing tones to manage tinnitus and boost relaxation, all three of these solutions deliver on this commitment. We are honored that these achievements are being recognized by our industry peers.”

Widex Hearing Care Solutions

Widex Sound Assist is a five-in-one device designed to improve communication through partner and table microphone functionality, hands-free phone calls, direct streaming from any Bluetooth device and remote control of Widex Moment and Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids, the company says. A recent study showed the effectiveness of the Sound Assist in improving the signal-to-noise ratio (and intelligibility), with as much as 20 dB of benefit in the partner microphone mode over hearing aids alone. 

The Widex Zen Tinnitus Management app provides patients with the tools and information needed to help manage the impact of tinnitus. It supplies a wide range of soothing sounds, exclusively found in the app, to create a relaxing background for those who suffer from tinnitus. It also contains an extensive educational section where patients can learn more about tinnitus as well as exercises that can help them relax and improve their sleep routines.

Available through Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids, Widex SoundRelax expands on the soothing sound approach, offering new sounds algorithmically generated within the hearing aids themselves. The tones are softer and have better binaural synchronization than the original Zen tones. Plus, the expanded Widex SoundRelax palette also includes new modulated wave-like sounds that have been rated highly by listeners for well-being, relaxation and concentration.

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Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards acknowledge technological innovation and accomplishments in the hearing industry. This year’s program featured numerous innovative technologies submitted by companies from all around the world across eight distinct categories. 

Since 2020, the awards program has raised over $25,000 in support of hearing-related charities. This year, the proceeds have benefited organizations such as the Hearing Health Foundation, SoundWrx, and the Hearing Loss Association of America.

This latest win continues the award momentum for Widex hardware and software technologies. Earlier this year, Widex Moment was selected as a winner in the HearAdvisor Expert Choice Awards—a new program that honors hearing aid manufacturers who transform lives through their dedication and hard work in creating excellent products.

Furthermore, the Widex Moment app was an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2023 and Widex My Sound was recognized as a winner in last year’s Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.