Audigy, a practice consultancy and developer of patient-centered best practices, announced the launch of a joint venture with audiologist Cliff Olson, AuD, owner of Phoenix-based Applied Hearing Solutions and founder of HearingUp Provider Network.

The partnership, announced this week in Nashville during Audigy’s flagship event, Summit 2022: Elevate, represents “the next level of innovation to support, sustain, and improve the patient journey by delivering both an empowering consumer-focused educational platform and a trailblazing certification program for hearing health care professionals.”

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“There’s a sea of competing voices in the hearing care landscape, and patients want a way to cut through it all,” said Audigy CEO Mason Walker. “Our exciting partnership with Dr Cliff is about making it easy for consumers and their loved ones to understand their hearing health and connect with dedicated professionals who can help.”

As the hearing care space grows more complex with new regulations, third-party payers, big-box players, over-the-counter devices, and other disruptors, Audigy recognized the potential for diminished emphasis on the value of hearing care, the importance of providers, and the need to prioritize patients over products.

“That’s why our relationship with Cliff is bigger than a strategic partnership,” added Walker. “It’s a philosophy, mission, and movement with an innovative approach that will marry the online and offline journey for Audigy and HearingUp practices in remarkable and meaningful ways to improve both the patient and practice’s experience in the delivery of hearing care.”

“Our partnership will set the standard for delivering an exceptional patient experience and ensuring clinical best practices,” said Olson, whose YouTube channel, Doctor Cliff, AuD, has over 200,000 subscribers and 32 million-plus views, according to the announcement. “We’re here to elevate and exceed the expectations of the patient while also elevating the responsibilities of the provider,” he said.

In its 18-year history, Audigy is on track to “deliver one of its greatest years ever thanks to the 900 audiologists, 500 physicians, 3,000-plus supporting staff, and nearly 200 employees dedicated to providing a superior patient experience.” Through this latest initiative, Audigy is poised to further shape the profession by endeavoring to educate patients, help them overcome barriers, match them with top hearing care professionals, and deliver “an unparalleled online experience that supports and dramatically enhances in-clinic visits.”

Additional details on the historic partnership and rollout will be released in the coming months.

Source: Audigy, Dr Cliff