The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) announced the the 2022 66th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians’ program has been released, debuting a science symposium on Wednesday morning. 

The opening ceremony of the EUHA 2022 Congress program will this year be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 10 AM with Professor Dr Michael Hüther from the Cologne-based German Economic Institute giving the keynote address. This will be followed by the science symposium starting at 11 AM. First-hand studies and research on topics relevant to hearing aid acoustics are on the agenda. The presentation will culminate in the award ceremony for this year’s EUHA Sponsorship Award as part of the symposium. The findings of the paper winning the sponsorship award offered by the Research Association of German Hearing Aid Acousticians (FDHA) will also be shared. This will give Congress participants the opportunity to get an update on the current state of research. 

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EUHA 2022

Program of Specialist Lectures: More than 25 expert lectures and six tutorials from the fields of Research & Science, Practical Application, Marketing & Communication, Public Health Politics & the Future will be featured in the specialist program of the EUHA 2022 Congress program. Leading speakers from Germany and abroad will be sharing current knowledge, inviting you to stay up to speed and exchange ideas. A series of public health policy topics with particular relevance to current times has again been scheduled for Thursday. The lectures in the scientific program will offer new perspectives on topics such as speech intelligibility in people with asymmetric hearing loss or after a CI fitting. Other presentations will be dealing with recognizing one’s own voice or improved fitting for patients with severe-to-profound hearing impairment. Topics include how a target group of elderly people find out about hearing aid technology and what do they think about tools such as remote fitting. There will also be an overview of 25 years of pediatric acoustics as well as a focus on the topic of room acoustics. These and other topics, such as automated in-situ measurement, are part of the program, which is available here.

Tutorials: The tutorials held in the Convention Center will be offering expert knowledge. This year, participants can look forward to topics such as percentile analysis, additive earmold manufacturing, and coaching skills for executives. In addition, tutorials on aural rehabilitation as well as on hearing implants will be offered. 

Future Friday: The third day of the event, Friday, October 14, 2002, is dedicated to forward-looking topics relevant to our industry. What will the hearing systems of the future look like? How will they perform? What are trends that will influence the future? What does the hearing systems industry need to prepare for? This part of the program includes input from the hearing instruments industry and from EUHA. Four renowned speakers will be dealing with these topics in their keynote speeches starting at 2 PM.

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Source: EUHA

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