Here is a selection of some of the top news items (by online readership) and headlines during the past year, month by month:

January 2019

NIDCD’s Mission Focuses on Hearing and Balance Research

Evidence that Hearing Aids Could Slow Cognitive Decline in Later Life

Passings: Robert Schulein, Audio Engineer, Inventor

US Hearing Aid Sales Increase by 5.3% in 2018; Approach 4-Million Unit Mark

Widex-Sivantos EU Merger Application Reopened

February 2019

Eric Timm Appointed CEO of Sivantos, Inc.

Widex Introduces Second-Generation AI Feature, SoundSense Learn

Blog: Seasonality in Hearing Aid Sales

Hearing Loss May Be Associated with Higher Rate of Cognitive Decline

Veterans File Lawsuits Against 3M Alleging Combat Earplugs Caused Hearing Problems

Merger between Widex and Sivantos Receives Final Clearance from European Commission

Sonova Forges New Path with Marvel: An Interview with Sonova CEO Arnd Kaldowski

IntriCon Reports Sales Increase of 28.5% in 2018

ASHA, AAA, and ADA Agree to Joint Legislative Initiative on Medicare Legislation

New Hear-it Report Documents Extraordinary Costs of Hearing Loss in EU

Researchers Restore Hearing via Gene Therapy in Deaf Mouse Model

Passings: Dr Noel Cohen, Co-founder NYU Langone Cochlear Implant Center, MD, Professor

March 2019

Sivantos & Widex Finalize Merger to Become WS Audiology

CVS to Close About 30 Hearing Centers

Sivantos Launches Styletto Connect from Signia

Eargo Raises Over $52 Million in Series D Funding Round

Westone Acquires Custom Protect Ear

GN Store Nord Releases 2018 Annual Report

HIA Launches “Hear Well. Stay Vital.” Campaign to Promote Hearing Awareness

Oticon Launches Opn S

Lantos Technologies Releases New 3D Ear Scanning System

Signia Styletto Receives 2019 iF Gold Design Award

Oticon Introduces Opn Play

April 2019

AAA 2019 Convention Features “The Best of Audiology” in Columbus, Ohio

Adults Under 50 with Hearing Loss May Have Higher Risk of Substance Use

Philips Hearing Aids Introduced by Demant

Sandy Brandmeier Assumes Role of President, Hearing Instruments Wholesale, Sonova USA

Blog: BlameySaunders and the “Blended Model” in Hearing Aid Dispensing

Bragi Sells Product Business, According to Media Reports

Researchers Identify 38 New Mouse Genes Related to Hearing Loss

Best Practices for Eligibility for Captioned Telephone Services Suggested by AAA and ASHA

Listen Technologies Appoints Maile Keone, President

Study Shows Older Adults with Hearing Loss at Higher Risk for Depression

‘Bloomberg Businessweek’ Profiles Starkey Hearing Technologies

May 2019

Hearing Aid Sales Increase by 2.5% in First Quarter of 2019

NIH Names Debara L. Tucci as Next NIDCD Director

MedRx Celebrates 25th Anniversary

‘New York Times’ Opinion Piece Argues for Stricter FDA Regulation of Medical Devices

GN Hearing Names Scott Davis as President, GN Hearing North America

Oticon Medical Obtains FDA 501(k) Clearance to Market Ponto 4

Amplifon Off to a Hot Start in 2019

Smartphone App to Detect Ear Infections Developed at University of Washington

June 2019

Obesity During Adolescence May be Associated with Risk of Hearing Loss, Researchers Find

Malaria Drug Could Help Prevent Form of Hereditary Hearing Loss

Cochlear Receives FDA Approval for Nucleus Profile Plus and Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

Oticon Medical Launches Ponto 4

ASHA Publishes Data on Annual Salaries from New Audiology Survey

Researchers Find Connection Between Tinnitus, Brain Inflammation

July 2019

UnitedHealthcare Launches Hearing Website, UnitedHealthcare Hearing

WHO Releases New Noise Exposure Guidelines for Europe

Intricon Enters into Partnership with Puretone; Sells PC Werth to Warner Tech-care

Noise and Age Affect Sound Processing Differently, Study Finds

Vertigo May Lower Chance of Recovery from SSHL

Hearing Aid Sales Increase by 3.8% in First Half of 2019

Sonova to Supply Costco Kirkland Signature (KS9) Hearing Aids

FDA Warns About CSF Shunts and Possible Magnetic Interactions with Implanted Hearing Devices

Hearing Aids May Protect the Brain in Later Life

Discovery in Mice Points to Potential Treatment for Vestibular Disorders

FDA Approves Med-El Cochlear Implant Systems for SSD and Asymmetric Hearing Loss

Starkey Hearing Foundation Hosts Inaugural Summer Sounds Annual Benefit

Hearing Loss May Be Linked to Mental, Physical, and Social Ailments

Vision and Hearing Loss Associated with Increased Dementia Risk in Older Adults

August 2019

AAA, ADA, ASHA, HLAA Endorse ‘Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2019′

Blog: Recent Audiology Rankings Pose Some Questions

Alpaca Audiology Merges with Belsono Management Group

Phonak Appoints Angela Pelosi As Director of Global Audiology

The American Academy of Otolaryngology Foundation Updates Sudden Hearing Loss Guideline

Parental Mental Illness May Be Associated with Suicide in Adults with Tinnitus

Researchers Develop Potential Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorders, Tinnitus

Marvel 2.0 Makes RogerDirect Available in All Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids

Otohub Becomes Part of Amplifon Group

Illinois Now Requires Insurers to Cover Cost of Hearing Aids and Services for Seniors

Phonak Launches Sky Marvel for Children

September 2019

WS Audiology Promotes Bernard and Bender to New Leadership Roles

GN Hearing Announces Direct Streaming from Android to Hearing Devices

Oticon Launches Xceed, Xceed Play, and CROS Hearing Solutions

Demant Group Companies Hit by Cyber Attack

Hearing Aids May Lead to Lower Rates of Dementia, Depression, and Anxiety

Chronic Conductive Hearing Loss May Result in Speech Recognition Deficits

‘Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2019’ Introduced in US Senate

Signia Introduces Xperience Platform with Motion Sensor Technology

Passings: Thomas McDonald, MD, Former Chair of ENT Department at Mayo Clinic

Audioscan Releases ProbeGUIDE Precision Probe Tube Placement Tool

Inaugural Empower Conference Tackles Changes in Hearing Healthcare

GN Announces Gitte Pugholm Aabo as CEO of GN Hearing

IHS 2019 Convention Sets the Stage for Future

Tribute: Paul Willoughby Jr, Hearing Care Expert and Chronicler

Blueprint Solutions Celebrates 10th Anniversary of US HQ

What Sen Elizabeth Warren and President Trump Have in Common

October 2019

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Releases Draft Guideline on Tinnitus

Sonova Hosts Global Media Day at Corporate Headquarters in Switzerland

Amazon Releases Echo Buds

Pediatric Hearing Loss May Lead to Changes in Brain’s Sound Processing

New Study Suggests Pesticides May Be Linked to Havana Diplomats’ Mysterious Symptoms

Inaugural AudBoss Summit Held in Naples, Fla

Sonic to Display Captivate and Trek at EUHA Congress

Phonak Announces 1 Million Marvel Hearing Aid Fittings

Harsh Sounds May Activate Brain Area Involved in Salience and Aversion

Neuromod Closes on $8.75 Million Funding Round

US Hearing Aid Sales Rise by 4.9% Through Q3 2019

House Clinic and House Ear Institute Relaunch as House Institute

Biologist Experiments with CRISPR Technology on Hearing Loss Gene

Bose Discontinues Sleepbuds

Does Tinnitus Get Worse as Hearing Loss Increases in Severity?

Tribute: Robyn M. Cox, PhD, Audiology Researcher and Co-developer of the APHAB

EPFL is Developing Soft Hearing Implants

November 2019

Bose Receives FDA Class II Designation for Self-fitting Hearing Aid, Favorable ITC Ruling on Headphone Patent Infringement

Blog: OTC Hearing Aid Proposed Regulations Likely Delayed Until Q1 2020

AuDACITY 2019 Spotlights Hearing Loss in Older Adults

Mild Hearing Loss May Be Associated with Mental Decline in Seniors

Signia Launches Pure Charge&Go X Hearing Aid

Interacoustics Launches AD528 Audiometer in the US

Healthy Diet May Reduce Risk of Acquired Hearing Loss

NJIT Engineer Proposes a New Model for the Way Humans Localize Sounds

Genedrive Pediatric Hearing Screening Test Receives CE Marking

Starkey’s Livio AI Featured in ‘TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019′ List

Demant Launches High-end Audio Headset Company, EPOS

ZPower Appoints Glynne Townsend as President and CEO

December 2019

FDA Approves New System for Delivery of Ear Tubes Under Local Anesthesia

Sensorion Scuttles SENS-111 Vestibulopathy Drug to Focus on Sudden Hearing Loss

Amplifon SpA Joins EHIMA

British and Irish Hearing Aid Sales Up, but Mixed, says BIHIMA

Researchers ‘Reprogram’ Mature Inner Ear Cells to Regenerate

Senators Grassley and Warren Request Update on ‘OTC Hearing Aid Act’

Cochlear Osia 2 System Receives FDA Clearance

Med-El USA Launches BCI 602 Implant for Bonebridge

Tremetrics Acquires Monitor Instruments

Walgreens Adds Nuheara PSAPs

Medicare Audiology Provisions Pass US House of Representatives