Tremetrics announced it has acquired Monitor Instruments, Inc. Since the early 1980s, Monitor Instruments, a North Carolina-based company, has been manufacturing industrial audiometers and audiometric accessories. The product line is said to offer “quality instruments and professional calibration services for audiometers and acoustic safety equipment.”

Tremetrics designs and manufactures OSHA-compliant hearing test devices for the occupational market, including PC-based audiometers, mobile testing systems, hearing test booths, and health database management software. The Monitor line of instruments will no longer be manufactured as a result of this acquisition.

All support and warranty inquiries for Monitor Instruments will be handled out of the corporate office of Tremetrics. For any questions or to learn more about Tremetrics’ offerings, visit: or contact Shaun Kelly at: [email protected] or 952-239-1207.

Source: Tremetrics

Image: Tremetrics