Deafmetal, a jewelry line designed for hearing-impaired people who want to personalize their hearing devices, has just launched its “Hope Collection” in the US, according to an article in Yahoo Life.

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The line, a collaboration between Deafmetal Founder Jenni Ahtiainen and audiologist Jen Aslin, feature 40 designs that range in price from $20-$45, Yahoo reports. Ahtiainen, a fashion designer who lost her hearing in 2018, was inspired to create Deafmetal as a way to make her hearing aids “more true to her personal style, particularly after noticing that hearing loss was a topic seldom represented in fashion magazines.” She created a holster that attached to her hearing aids, which forms the foundation of many of the pieces in the Hope Collection.

Pieces can be ordered online on Deafmetal’s website here.

According to the Deafmetal website, the company “transforms hearing aids into personalized, unique, and stylish jewelry that can be worn for all occasions,” and is an award-winning new jewelry innovation designed for hearing aid users. The Hope Collection was “designed exclusively for this site with the hope that it would empower those with hearing loss.” Deafmetal’s goal is “to allow those with hearing loss to embrace their hearing loss and for those who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants to be able to individualize and express themselves through the individual Deafmetal pieces they choose to wear.” Through The Hope Collection, there is a Deafmetal that has been created for people to feel “unique and empowered and beautiful.” Hearing should be celebrated! Deafmetal is enabling those with hearing loss to express their individuality through “these very unique Deafmetal pieces, and more specifically, through The Hope Collection.”

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Source: Yahoo Life, Deafmetal

Images: Deafmetal