ZPower, the developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc batteries for hearing aids, has announced that it will lead a presentation entitled “Recharge your Hearing Aid” at the upcoming Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Convention 2015. The HLAA event runs from June 25-28 in the St. Louis Union Station Hotel in St. Louis and features a broad range of educational seminars and technology updates for people with hearing loss.

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

Barry A. Freeman, PhD, ZPower

“Recharge your Hearing Aid” will be held in the HLAA demo room on Friday, June 26 at 3:00 pm and will be led by Barry A. Freeman, PhD, vice president of business development for ZPower. Freeman will showcase the ZPower Rechargeable Solution, which is intended to make it easy to convert many new and existing hearing aids and make them rechargeable. According to ZPower, the ability to recharge hearing aids and the impact of this on the daily lives of those with hearing loss will be an integral part of the demonstration.

“Disposable hearing aid batteries are used by people with varying levels of dexterity, often run out of power in the middle of the day, and can require frequent changing,” says Freeman. “In contrast, the ZPower Rechargeable Solution offers 24+ hours of continuous power each day, charges overnight, takes the place of an estimated 100 disposable batteries, and lasts a full year. The ZPower hearing aid battery is replaced once per year by a hearing care professional so the patient need never touch a hearing aid battery again.”

The ZPower batteries also offer environmental advantages, reports the company. Approximately 1.4 billion disposable hearing aid batteries are thrown into landfills each year around the world. ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable batteries are fully recyclable and don’t contribute to the waste stream.

ZPower reports that in the recent MarkeTrak 9 study, which ranked the most compelling features sought by non-owners of hearing aids, “a rechargeable hearing aid” and “rechargeable batteries for hearing aids” ranked #2 and #4 on the wish list – which points to the high demand for a rechargeable solution for hearing aids.

ZPower will be in Booth #313 at the HLAA Convention.

Source: ZPower