DocClocker announced its latest tool in helping to support both providers and patients during the pandemic: DocClocker Remote Check-In.

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare providers are being forced to rethink the traditional waiting room experience. With Remote Check-In, patients can now remotely check-in to their doctor appointments from their car, in addition to receiving real-time wait time reporting and helping to prevent the spread of the virus by limiting the exposure of sick patients in waiting rooms.

“Recognizing that the waiting room during the COVID-19 pandemic is a potentially risky place to be, the new DocClocker Remote Check-In enables the healthcare system to function while keeping current best practice recommendations to maintain social distancing,” said Dr Eric Carter, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of DocClocker.

In addition to remote check-ins and receiving real-time wait times, patients can locate and select in-network medical providers, by reviewing the provider’s specific information and a display of average wait times. Patients can manage appointments through the app, receive appointment reminders, write reviews, and report long waits. DocClocker is free to all patients.

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Source: DocClock

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