In recognition of Tinnitus Awareness Week, Treble Health announced that it is bringing together experts from around the globe for the Tinnitus Relief Summit, slated to be a live, two-day symposium, hosted online, that welcomes audiologists and tinnitus experts to share emergent research and evidence-based practices for the care and treatment of tinnitus. Hosted by Treble Health – a California-based telehealth company – this gathering will “bust myths and broaden interventions for a growing field of chronic tinnitus and hyperacusis management.”

During this live two day event, Treble Health has teamed up with audiologists and tinnitus experts around the world to present a comprehensive portfolio of tips and tricks to help manage tinnitus. Each presenter will focus on a specific area of tinnitus, covering everything that one could possibly need to know.

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Data suggests that as many as one in ten adults in the US struggle with tinnitus, with a quarter of those people having lived with the condition for at least a decade. While tinnitus currently lacks either a cure or a universally accepted pharmacological intervention, treatments like sound therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy continue to help treat symptoms. 

Reducing the impact of tinnitus is Treble Health’s top priority, and for this year’s Tinnitus Relief Summit, it’s decided to bring together the world’s biggest names to give visitors a well-rounded approach to tinnitus treatment.

This free online event includes a number of tinnitus experts and speakers from across the globe who’ll break down the latest research. See the latest speaker list here.

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Source: Treble Health

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