Bloomington, Minn — ReSound audiologist and Hearing Review contributor Stephen Hallenbeck, AuD, has been honored with the Rush University AuD Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award for 2011.

Members of Rush’s audiology faculty recognized Hallenbeck for his professional service and accomplishments since completing his Doctor of Audiology degree at the University.

Since completing his degree, Hallenbeck’s accomplishments include:

  • President of the Illinois Academy of Audiology
  • Chair of the American Academy of Audiology Public Relations Recruitment Sub-Committee
  • Adjunct faculty appointments at Rush University Medical Center and Northern Illinois University
  • Publication in trade journals (including his latest in Hearing Review)
  • Invited speaker and panelist at American and international hearing industry conferences

In addition to his professional and academic achievements, Hallenbeck has been a volunteer for various hearing loss outreach programs, performing hearing screenings at health and wellness events. He also promotes the profession of audiology through the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine and through career fairs in the Chicago area.

Hallenbeck has previously received the Rush University Outstanding Student Award in Audiology and the Dean of Health Sciences Outstanding Student Award in 2003 and 2005.