Starkey China announced that, this month, it joined a host of other hearing health experts and innovators at the Beijing Audiology Conference. Organized by the Beijing Society of Audiology, Starkey and other local manufacturers exhibited their latest products, remote services, and upcoming technologies. 

At the trade show, Starkey China showcased Livio Edge AI’s Healthable features, including integrated sensors and artificial intelligence that are said “to provide superior sound quality and the ability to track both body and brain health.” According to Starkey, the Livio Edge AI’s body tracking counts your daily steps, measures movement and more vigorous physical activity, while brain tracking monitors streaming and active listening, according to the company. Livio Edge AI also “boasts the industry’s first and only fall detection feature that sends an alert message to selected contacts,” according to the company’s announcement.

“Starkey’s Healthable hearing technologies prove that we are committed to delivering on our tagline ‘Hear better. Live better.’ We’ve invested resources into ensuring patients’ hearing aids allow them to reconnect with their loves ones and lead more fulfilling lives,” said Starkey Chief Sales Officer Paul Phillips. “We’re proud of our Starkey China team for representing these features and values on an international stage.”  

Based 12 hours south of Beijing, Starkey China was founded in Suzhou nearly 25 years ago, in 1996. 

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About Starkey 

Starkey is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Owned by Bill Austin since 1967, Starkey is known for its “innovative design, development, and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems.” Led today by President and CEO Brandon Sawalich, Starkey has more than 5,000 employees, operates 28 facilities, and does business in more than 100 markets worldwide. For more information or to learn more, please visit

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