ReSound, Bloomington, Ind, a technology industry leader in hearing aid solutions, is partnering with the Foundation for Sight and Sound to host a Help America Hear mission during the annual AudiologyNOW! convention.

Help America Hear is a program that helps people with hearing or vision challenges. The two organizations have been working together since 2010 to provide hearing aids and fitting services free-of-charge to those in need.

“The Help America Hear program is really a grass-roots initiative to restore hearing and improve quality of life,” says Kim Herman, president of ReSound.

More than two-dozen people have been selected as “in need” based on the criteria specified by the Help America Hear program. They will receive ReSound hearing aids and fitting services free-of-charge during the convention, with support from:

  • Otometrics Audiology Systems, providing the Real-Ear Verification System;
  • ReSound Global Audiology, providing fitting support; and
  • Karen Butler, Orlando hearing care professional, providing support to patients after the mission.

AudiologyNOW! hosted by the American Academy of Audiologists, which takes place in Orlando, Fla March 26 – 29, 2014, is the world’s largest gathering of audiology professionals.

For more on the Help America Hear program, click here.

Source: ReSound