oticon cmyk_pAs an update to The Hearing Review‘s news item on March 3, Oticon has issued an official press statement that it has joined Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program. Its first MFi connectivity solution for hearing instruments will be unveiled at the 2014 AudiologyNOW! conference later this month.

Oticon’s MFi solution will be available to existing and future users of Oticon hearing instruments across the price spectrum, including an installed base of approximately 2 million current users. The new connectivity solution delivers audiological features unmatched in other MFi applications for hearing aids. It is the first to provide true binaural signal processing and low power consumption. The Oticon ConnectLine app for iPhone allows users to discreetly control program choice, volume and input source through their iPhone® with just a touch of their fingertips. Oticon’s new MFi solution is the only connectivity solution that enables hearing device users to hold phone conversations on their iPhone hands free.

“The launch of our MFi connectivity solution will immediately benefit the millions of hearing device users who now wear Oticon hearing instruments and those who will choose our hearing solutions in the future,” says Soren Nielsen, president, Oticon A/S. “People are not restricted to a single choice of hearing solution. They can select from a variety of hearing instrument styles and technology levels at a range of price points, and know that that an MFi connectivity solution is available for them. All of our wireless hearing instruments are compatible with the new MFi connectivity solution, which includes instruments launched since 2007.”

The new connectivity solution is designed to provide an intuitive functionality that enables users to visually switch to any input source with just their fingertips. Volume can be adjusted individually for each source, in advance or in the moment. Users can move seamlessly from cell phone or Facetime, music or connections via ConnectLine TV, phone adapters, microphone, and more. The MFi solution allows users to clearly see what hearing program they are using and to personalize program names, such as restaurant, office, sports, so they are easily identified. Users can also take advantage of a number of custom options not previously available, including last number dialed, reject call, and voice dial, as well as set specific functions lke designating ringtones to easily identify callers.

“The simple, intuitive functionality of our MFi solution gives hearing device users the ability to connect to their iPhone and other devices without compromising the sound quality,” says Nielsen. “Users experience a new level of convenience and discreetness and unparalleled connectivity performance.”

Oticon will officially launch the new MFi connectivity solution at 2014 AudiologyNOW! in late March in Orlando, Fla.

Source: Oticon