For over 50 years, Knowles Electronics has delivered a variety of technologically advanced quality products and services to the hearing health market.

Knowles Electronics
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Today, Knowles Electronics is the world’s leading provider of microphones and receivers to the hearing health industry, and is credited with the miniaturization of the acoustic transducer, which has enabled the design and manufacture of smaller hearing aids.

Knowles continues to enhance its leadership position by linking exceptional design with the development of key transducer technologies that further hearing aid performance, reliability, value, and customer benefit.

Ferrofluid Receivers
  •     Less wax clogging – fewer repairs
  •     Superior shock performance – more rugged aids
  •     Reduced vibration – more gain-before-feedback
  •     Damped response without the dumping screen
Hi Performance Mics
  • FG series cylindrical mics – world’s smallest to fit CIC aids
  • Improved RFI and EMI suppression
  • TO series – thinnest omni mic ideal for ITE/ITC aids
  • High performance for modern DSP aids
Pantograph Receivers
  • Minimize receiver vibration
  • Maximize gain-before-feedback
  • Improved hearing and stability
  • Higher maximum SPL output
  • Increased Headroom
Directional Mics
  • Matched triplet mics for superior AI-DI
  • TP series – space saving conjoined Uni/Omni pair
  • TD series – world’s thinnest directional mic
  • Matched pair mics for improved directionality