Listen Technologies Corporation, a provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 24 years, announced that it was part of helping Australian band 4 Wide perform an unwired sensory rock concert. The “fully inclusive” live music event took place September 11, 2022, at Emmanuel College Warrnambool

The concert was supported with funds received from the Warrnambool City Council from their “Activate Warrnambool” funding, which was designed to bring events back to Warrnambool, post-Covid lockdowns. 4 Wide, a popular cover band, wanted to host a free “silent” concert for neurodivergent individuals who may not be able to attend a traditional rock concert due to noise, crowds, and possible overstimulation. 4 Wide chose an accessible venue with low lighting and Listen EVERYWHERE, an audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening system from Listen Technologies, so individuals could adjust the music experience to their comfort level.  

Listen EVERYWHERE broadcasts live and recorded audio across a venue’s wireless network to individual smart devices. Users download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their smartphone, select an audio channel, and listen to clear sound via headphones or earbuds connected to their smartphones. Users can also stream audio from their smartphones to cochlear implants and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. 

When 4 Wide played at the sensory concert, live audio was broadcast directly to audience members’ headphones via their smartphones. The band had iPads available to loan attendees who did not have a smart device, according to the announcement.

Concertgoers could choose from two audio channels through the Listen EVERYWHERE app. One channel broadcasted the concert; the other channel played meditation music so attendees could tune into more calming audio if a song or set the band played was too much for them. 4 Wide also provided a quiet and dim respite room for attendees who needed a break. 

4 Wide posted on its Facebook page: “The main idea of our gig was to let people experience and hopefully enjoy a live rock ‘n’ roll gig that they would not normally have been able to.” 

“We are honored that Listen EVERYWHERE helped 4 Wide hold a concert where attendees could engage in a shared music experience in a way that met each person’s unique sensory needs,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies is committed to fostering inclusion with listening solutions and technologies that accommodate people in whatever way they prefer.” 

4 Wide estimates 50 people, including children, attended the concert. It was reported that one woman in her 50s drove four hours from Melbourne to attend because she had never been able to participate in a rock concert. 

Video from the show and examples of the “Live – Headphones Off” and “Headphones On” audio attendees experienced is available at this link:

Source: Listen Technologies

Images: Listen Technologies