It is a cause that Oticon, Inc., Somerset, NJ, and its employees say they have a lot of heart for, and this year the company is partnering with the American Heart Association for the “At the Heart of It. . .We Put People First” campaign.  This is the third year that Oticon will sponsor this national campaign designed to motivate people to take the first steps toward better health and better hearing with professional consultations and evaluations that can provide life-changing benefits. Also during February and March, Oticon will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Alta hearing devices to the American Heart Association to fund life-saving research.  2014 Heart_Healthy_logo

The annual heart and hearing health awareness initiative will be executed in communities nationwide with the support of Oticon’s network of professional partners that range from small private practices to large multi-specialty clinics. 

“Through our ‘At the Heart of It’ campaign, we emphasize the important role of hearing care professionals as dedicated members of the healthcare community and focus on the contribution of hearing and heart health to a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Oticon president Peer Lauritsen. 

Heart health is especially relevant when it comes to hearing health. A study published in the American Journal of Audiology found that the negative influence of impaired cardiovascular health on both the peripheral and central auditory system has the potential to affect an individual’s capacity to hear.  A second study, published in The Laryngoscope concluded that patients with certain types of low-frequency hearing loss should be regarded as at risk for cardiovascular events.

“Our campaign encourages people to request a preliminary hearing evaluation as part of their annual physical,” explains Lauritsen. “For those who already suspect a hearing loss, we recommend a thorough hearing evaluation by a credentialed hearing care professional.”

The “At the Heart of It” campaign provides hearing care professionals with a variety of marketing communication materials including desktop displays, heart healthy tip sheets, print materials and newspaper releases.  Activities designed to engage hearing care professionals and their staffs in a heart healthy lifestyle are also planned. Oticon will again conduct its online “Steps in the Right Direction” walking challenge with prizes and recognition to teams that take their own positive steps toward better health.

At Oticon’s Somerset headquarters, employees will participate in heart healthy activities during February, including a special Heart Health Expo. On February 14, representatives from AHA and a local medical center will offer workshops on heart health and conduct a series of blood pressure and other health screenings.

Source: Oticon USA