How do you foster quality communication in a sea of infinite information? More than 100 practice owners and decision-makers across the hearing care and ear, nose, and throat space convened in Stevenson, Wash, to tackle that and more at Audigy’s first-ever leadership retreat in October, the company announced.

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The event, which took place October 27-30, was “a COVID-safe opportunity to bring leaders together during a historic time of challenge and change, focused on two of the most important elements of a practice’s existence — their patients and their people — with the aim of elevating the experience for both.”

“More than ever, it’s critical to empower providers and staff with tools that help them accomplish their best work,” said Audigy CEO Mason Walker. “It’s equally important to think through the patient experience in order to continue innovating and delivering the highest levels of care.”

Attendees participated in a workshop on Radical Candor, a concept developed by author Kim Scott and involving the art of sharing genuine, impactful feedback to help positively transform workplace culture, motivate superior team performance, and drive results.

Set at the historic Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the retreat also featured: 

  • Sessions with Walker and fellow Audigy leadership team members on understanding and optimizing user interface and user experience;
  • Attendee roundtable discussions on business operations, effective team culture, and ways to improve the patient experience;
  • Presentations by Audigy hearing technology partners ReSound, Starkey, Signia, Widex, and Oticon.

“Communication and the human experience are central to creating health care that’s responsive and works,” said Audigy President Kim Gilmore. “At Audigy, we’re committed to helping owners and their teams continually discover new ways of fostering environments that help patients live better, help employees succeed, and help their practices reach key goals.”

Source: Audigy