Unitron announced that it is being recognized with the “Red Dot: Product Design 2021” award for its Moxi Blu Rechargeable hearing aids.

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Unitron is part of the Sonova family, a global provider of hearing solutions. Unitron’s legacy is said to be its “design philosophy that keeps hearing device wearers at the center of the innovation process; the company designs its hearing instruments to be easy to use, comfortable, and the best looking in the industry.”

The Red Dot Award, which dates to 1955 celebrates excellence in product design. This marks the seventh time Unitron has received the Red Dot Award for its hearing instruments, according to the company.

“We are so proud to be recognized with this award alongside such incredible designs, it’s a tremendous honor,” said Nicola McLaughlin, Unitron, director HI business. “We believe this illustrates our company-wide dedication to empower our clients to live life to the fullest with sleek, smart, and connected hearing solutions.” 

Designed to be “beautiful and intuitive,” Unitron’s Moxi Blu Rechargeable hearing aids are “designed to keep up with the complexity of everyday life, automatically adapting to each hearing aid wearers’ unique experiences, and lifestyle, featuring in-the-moment personalization and hands-free connectivity.”

“This is an incredible achievement for Unitron and gives us even more assurance that we are providing an excellent user experience with the Moxi Rechargeable on the Blu platform,” said Corey Banham, Unitron senior product manager. “The Moxi Blu Rechargeable hearing aids allow our customers to love life spontaneously with automatic sound optimization and personalization. Moxi Blu Rechargeable is our smallest lithium-ion rechargeable with direct connectivity. A small and powerful device designed for life.”

The international Red Dot jury is made up of 40 independent design experts, educators, and industry journalists who review thousands of submissions annually from manufacturers and product designers around the world. Products are evaluated based on quality, performance, degree of innovation, and ecological compatibility.

Award winners will be celebrated at the annual Red Dot award gala, which takes place in the Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany. The award winners are presented in the yearbooks, museums, and online. More information is available at: www.red-dot.de.

For more information on the Blu platform, please visit: www.unitron.com/blu.

Source: Unitron

Image: Unitron