Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, has announced that it is replacing its original Verifit®— said to be the #1 clinical fitting and verification system in North America for more than 13 — with its all-new Verifit2 system.

The company reports that the new Verfit2 offers a variety of expanded capabilities focused on addressing the more advanced features of today’s hearing instruments and providing both a qualitatively and quantitatively better verification and fitting tool — all within the context of making verification easier and faster than ever before. Audioscan says the features of the Verifit2 include:

The Audioscan Verifit2 has been 13 years in the making.

The Audioscan Verifit2 has been 13 years in the making.

  • Fully binaural system, both in the box and on the ear;
  • As-worn™ verification, allowing users to test hearing instruments programmed and positioned as they will be worn, both on the ear and in the test box;
  • Testing and verification of advanced hearing aid features including: Wideband amplification; Paired performance, programming changes, and volume control; and Streaming functions such as phone programs;
  • Measurements to 16kHz and audiometry entry to 12.5kHz for more complete results;
  • Ability to simultaneously compare hearing instruments from different manufacturers;
  • The only ANSI RECD compliant fitting system for more accurate results;
  • Ability to listen in on any test in progress using binaural monitor headphones;
  • Major improvements to save time and eliminate hassle include: Quick-connect couplers; No-putty coupling for thin-tube and RIC instruments; Reduced cables by 60% for smoother operation; Foolproof calibration; Heads-up help for instant guidance when needed.

The new Verifit2 also provides several new features to ensure that it integrates more easily into the clinical or dispensing environment. These include a flexible 2-piece design, hybrid operation (stand-alone or PC-driven), NOAH 4 compatibility, and more.

“We have always designed our platforms to last at least a decade”, said Jim Jonkman, vice president of Audioscan, in a press statement. “Our first Verifit is testimony to that effort. Our customers have never had to do a hardware upgrade. And with our free software upgrade policy it means that the product not only stayed current but actual got better with time— at no extra cost.

“We expect Verifit2 to be every bit as solid,” continued Jonkman, “and it will ensure that audiologists and dispensers can be completely precise in their evaluation, testing, and fitting of advanced hearing aids— today’s and tomorrow’s. We have designed the Verifit2 to continue as the gold-standard, and we will continue to advance fitting to reflect a true “as worn” experience. Ultimately, our goal, and that of Verifit2, is to ensure that audiologists and dispensers can provide a hearing aid experience that truly meets clinical and consumer expectations.”

Jillian Price, Listen Up chief audiologist for Eastern and Central Canada, also commented: “The Verifit has been the verification benchmark in our industry for more than a decade, and has become an indispensable part of our fitting protocol. The new Verifit 2 takes the best of the original Verifit and adds major improvements. It is completely binaural, it has a modern look, and you can make probe-mic measures more quickly and easily. There are also more setup options so that it can really integrate into your work space. It even allows you to measure to 16 kHz and enter audiometry to 12.5 kHz. Taken together, these features make it a really impressive instrument.”

The Verifit2 is expected to begin shipments by the end of May. To facilitate the transition to the new Verifit2, until May 30, 2014, Audioscan will automatically upgrade all orders it receives for the original Verifit with the new Verifit2 (unless specified otherwise by the purchaser) and will honor the original Verifit price. The company will not accept orders for the original Verifit after that time.

The new Verifit2 can be ordered through any Authorized Audioscan Representative or Reseller including the following North American distributors:

More details and ordering can be obtained through

Source: AudioScan