HRP invited hearing health care companies to share what they will be highlighting at the 2011 fall trade shows

New Hands-Free Phone Solution from Amplicom

Amplicom USA has introduced a new N100 Induction Neckloop, an accessory that allows hearing aid wearers to have a hands-free phone conversation without feedback or interference. The N100 enables incoming sound to be fed directly to the hearing aid, bypassing microphone use for enhanced clarity. The device is 100% compatible with its PowerTel series of landline phones, and it can also be used with any landline phone that has a 2.5 mm headset jack. In addition, by utilizing the 2.5 mm jack, the N100 can be used with almost any cell phone, allowing hearing aid wearers to have hands-free cell phone conversations in the car.

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Beltone Welcomes the Beltone True 64DW RIE and 66DW BTE

Beltone welcomes the Beltone True 64DW™ RIE and 66DW BTE to its product line. Both join the industry’s only family of hearing instruments to wirelessly receive sound directly from a TV, cell/home phone, stereo, PC, and iPod, via a 2.4GHz signal. Both models are cosmetically attractive, have excellent sound quality, and offer feedback cancellation circuitry to help eliminate the embarrassing high-pitched whistling. The Beltone True 66DW BTE can be fit as either a standard or high-frequency thin-tube device. The 64DW RIE comes standard with a push-button, volume control, and option of different power levels.

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Blueprint Solutions Announces New Release of Blueprint OMS

Blueprint Solutions has released Blueprint OMS (Office Management System) version 1.1. In the new version 1.1, over 30 new features and functions have been added. Among the major new features are Noah Integration, medical report writing with CounselEAR, more marketing options, patient follow-up reminders, enhanced accounts receivable features, audiogram data, more hearing aid information, order forms, and several new reports. The many new features are the result of input from the company’s users. Additional information about Blueprint OMS is available on the company’s Web site.

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ClearSounds Showcases Amplified Cordless Freedom Deluxe Phone

A total communication system with full digital power: The ClearSounds® A1600 DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Freedom Deluxe Phone™ corded cordless combination showcases superb design, ergonomics, and functionality with the most powerful amplification and tone management technology available. Features include 50 dB adjustable handset amplification with tone control and a full duplex speakerphone in the handset and in the base. This system is expandable up to five additional handsets. For wholesale pricing or more information on these products, contact Brad Dodson.

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ExSilent Offers Ytango

What could possibly work better than one’s own pinna for natural spatial orientation? Ytango offers users not only the convenience and comfort of a BTE hearing aid, but also the advantage of using your own pinna to collect sound. This is established by placing both microphone and receiver inside the ear canal. ExSilent named this unique innovation “MaRiC.” With Ytango, localizing the sound is just like nature intended it.

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Frye Launches a New Addition to the FONIX 8000 Analyzer

Tired of those wires and cables always getting in the way? So is Frye. To make your hearing instrument verification more enjoyable (and impressive), Frye turned to the new, very popular, wireless TABLET technology to let you run studies on your patient’s hearing instruments. The Android system is tailor made for controlling the 8000 analyzer through Bluetooth technology. Choose any convenient room location and use our tablet (or even your own Android telephone) with the FONIX keyboard AP to run not only the real ear tests, but all other 8000 functions, as well. A complete 8000 keyboard in your palm.

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GSI Audera 2.7 Now Featuring CE-Chirp

The new CE-Chirp® stimulus is now available on the GSI Audera. The CE-Chirp elicits an AEP response that is up to two times greater than click stimulus. Using the same principle as the CE-Chirp, the CE-Chirp Octave Bands elicit optimal waveforms for frequency specific evaluation. GSI Audera V2.7 is compatible with Windows™ 7 professional (32 and 64 bit), Windows XP Professional (SP3), and Windows Vista Business (SP2). For more information on how you can decrease test time, improve waveform detection, and increase clinical confidence, call:

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You can also visit GSI at ADA 2011 Convention, Booth #204.

Hansaton’s AQ X-Mini Rechargeable RIC

With the introduction of Hansaton’s AQ X-Mini Rechargeable Receiver-in-the-Canal instrument, rechargeable hearing instruments are no longer a niche market. AQ X-Mini’s patented, inductive, digital charging algorithm yields 20 hours of operation per charge in a 5-year battery, while eliminating battery memory issues and risk of overcharging. An easy-to-use inductive charging station eliminates failure-prone electrical contacts, and the sealed battery compartment reduces moisture ingress and prevents insertion of the wrong battery. AQ X-Mini promises to be the most trouble-free hearing instrument on the market, with three levels of state-of-the-art digital processing. Recharge your practice with Hansaton.

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Hearing News Network (HNN) Introduces “Instant Testimonials”

HNN, a new Point-of-Care network for hearing professionals designed to interact with patients on their buying journey, has just launched a new service called “Instant Testimonials.” Just take a picture of your satisfied patient and send it to HNN with their testimonial and we’ll play it on the screen in your waiting room. HNN, coming to a hearing clinic near you. For more information or to set up a meeting, contact Brad Dodson.

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Interacoustics Releases Modular Titan Platform

Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of the modular Titan platform featuring automated ABR, DPOAE, and tympanometry—the first and only one of its kind. Imagine a handheld infant screener that will evaluate the entire auditory pathway from middle ear to brainstem, a product that will reduce your automated ABR test time by up to 50% and yet is so intuitively designed it requires only four buttons to do automated ABR, DPOAE, and tympanometry. The ergonomic, lightweight Titan hardware contains unique technologies such as the ground-breaking CE-Chirp® stimuli, and advanced noise reduction ensures quick and accurate results.

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MedRx Highlights AVANT REMsp

MedRx offers their New Live Speech Mapping, Real Ear Measurement System, the AVANT™ REMsp. This unique system features DSL and NAL-NL2 Targets for Live Speech Mapping and is perfect for open fit testing. Input levels can be viewed in either LTASS or peak hold mode and it has built-in sound files (MP3). The AVANT REMsp also features a hearing loss simulator for third-party demonstrations. The REMsp is USB powered and is approximately 1 x 3 inches in size, therefore lightweight and portable. Standard accessories include a powered speaker, USB extender cable, and custom carrying case. The AVANT REMsp is NOAH™, SycleNet, and TIMS® compatible.

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HUNTER-1 Powered by Microsonic

Custom molded hearing enhancement and protection. HUNTER-1’s Digital Signal Processing offers three programs to the user. The first program is a low gain program set for listening “in the woods” in areas with low ambient noise. The second program is a medium gain program designed to increase the hearing range in mid to high frequencies by 40% to 50% in moderate wind noise. The third and final program is a high gain program designed for overall increased range in low to mid and mid to high frequencies. Contact Microsonic today/

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Oticon Showcases ConnectLine

With the introduction of ConnectLine Microphone, Oticon expands its ConnectLine system to capture audio from a much more personal source in even the most difficult listening situations. New ConnectLine Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone designed to pick up a companion’s voice, filter out surrounding sound, and transmit conversation wirelessly through the Streamer to the user’s hearing instruments. For users, the wireless transmission from the microphone to the hearing instruments means enhanced ability to engage in one-on-one conversations in environments that may have been difficult if not impossible before such as crowded or noisy places, like restaurants, cars, or even outside on a windy day.

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Otometrics Features AURICAL

The new AURICAL is the world’s only complete, modular fitting solution. It was launched at this year’s AudiologyNOW! where it drew a lot of attention. It has everything you need: A true fitting audiometer. A wireless and binaural Probe Microphone Measurement (PMM) unit. Effective counseling tools. And a HIT box that works independently—or with other components. The intuitive OTOsuite software integrates it all. FDA cleared. Visit to learn more.

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Otovation Offers ProgLink Accessory

Otovation now offers the ProgLink accessory with the unique OTOPod M2 wireless audiometer and the Widex hearing aid programmer. M2 with ProgLink programs the latest Widex wireless hearing aid products in one integrated, highly portable device. Maximum tone and speech output have been increased in the Symphony v1.3.1 audiometer control application. The E3A insert headset is now available in addition to the previously available E5A insert, the TDH-39 supra aural, and the Sennheiser HDA200 circumaural configurations.


Hearing Never Looked Better with Panasonic 4-Series

Panasonic 4-Series, Receiver-in-Canal, hearing instruments are discreet, stylish, and slim, and can be worn behind the ear. This unit is comfortable and provides new users with an affordable solution. Available in 9, 12, and 16 processing channels and 8 elegant colors, the 4-Series includes intelligent scene selector with up to seven listening environments and features Dual Focus, which reduces noise and emphasizes sound coming from the front through the use of dual microphones.

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Pehratek Products Announces POWER-CONNECT

Pehratek Products has announced the new external power pack for the Oticon Streamer ConnectLine Bluetooth system. The POWER-CONNECT simply plugs into the bottom of the Streamer to extend the operating time by an additional 2 to 3 hours or can be utilized to boost the charge in the Streamer when it is being used on the go. It is small but powerful and attaches to the Streamer through the recharging jack on the bottom. The POWER-CONNECT is only ½ inch thick and weighs only a ½ ounce for nonobtrusive use with any Streamer. The built-in lithium ion battery can be recharged using the same charger as supplied with the Streamer. It can be recharged either while attached or removed from the Streamer as a backup power source when necessary. Now your patients can use the Bluetooth system longer throughout the workday without having to stop to recharge the Streamer. (ConnectLine and Streamer are licensed trademarks of Oticon Corporation.)

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ReSound Releases Unite Mini Microphone

The ReSound Unite® Mini Microphone is a wireless device that optimizes signal-to-noise ratio in person-to-person communication. It sends a speaker’s voice directly into the wearer’s hearing instruments, all while they are free to perform dual-attention tasks that people with normal hearing take for granted. With a range of up to 20 feet, the Mini Microphone extends the hearing range well beyond the reach of any hearing instrument. The Mini Microphone also functions as a portable audio streaming device by seamlessly connecting to any audio source, such as an MP3 player, computer, phone, or TV.

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Siemens Aquaris—Enjoy Life Without Limits

Siemens Aquaris™ is the first truly waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant hearing instrument.* Aquaris is built tough, designed to impress, and engineered to perfection. Equipped with BestSound™ Technology, Aquaris is clinically proven** to offer the best feedback cancellation system, unsurpassed speech intelligibility in noisy environments, regardless of where speech is coming from, and the most sophisticated automated learning algorithm in the industry. Discover Aquaris’ unlimited possibilities at Booth #309 at IHS.

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Sonic Innovations: Move to the Groove

It’s hard to resist the beat new Groove brings your patients. This tiny microCIC slips deep in the ear with an individual, hand-crafted fit. No one (even the wearer) is likely to notice it’s there, since there is no extraneous hardware. Patients will love Groove’s powerful noise reduction and natural Sonic-quality sound. It handles even noisy situations with ease, letting patients move to their own tempo of everyday life. No wonder everyone wants to get a little Groove on.

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Starkey Laboratories Inc Highlights Wi Series

Starkey has expanded its Wi Series™ line with the addition of a flexible, high-performance receiver-in-canal (RIC) featuring a 13 battery. In addition, Wi Series has been enhanced with Voice iQ2, an update to Starkey’s leading noise reduction and speech preservation system; Spectral iQ, a frequency lowering technology designed to help patients who truly need this intelligent option; an updated signal processing architecture to improve sound quality and efficiency; HydraShield®2, adding advanced oleophobic properties to the HydraShield nano-coating to better protect the hearing aids from earwax and other substances; and much more.

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Unitron Features Quantum

Unitron is featuring Quantum™, a new generation of intuitive hearing instruments built on Era™, a powerful new sound processing platform that delivers sound the way nature intended. Quantum offers incredible advances in automatic performance and speech understanding in noise, through intelligently combined high-fidelity features. Quantum offers three technology levels (Quantum 20, 12, and 6) all wireless and a full spectrum of shells and styles (BTE and ITE).

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The New Amazing Vocal Zip from Vocal Labs

The New Vocal Zip™ from Vocal Labs is a new open fit in the canal hearing instrument. No occlusion, control feedback, AND it is the smallest ever. There is nothing behind the ear. This is like no other open fit hearing instrument, no tubes or wires behind your patients’ ears. The Zip provides great benefits to your patients. It has the incredible ability to change multiple memory programs to different hearing situations. Just a simple pressure tap to the ear does the adjusting, and it is virtually hidden. Some of the features in the new Zip include: fifth generation adaptive feedback cancellation, 12-channel layered noise reduction, in situ tone generator, programmable power-on delay, programmable switch tones, and multiple programmable memories.

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Vivosonic Inc Showcases Integrity System

Vivosonic’s innovative Integrity™ System enables nonsedated ABR, OAEs, noninvasive ECochG—and now, fully automated ASSR—to aid in more effective clinical decision-making. Its patented technologies reduce many frustrations of audiologists today: eliminates the risks of sedation and anesthesia in most pediatric patients, indispensable for difficult-to-test cases, portable, and easy to use. Integrity delivers clear results in clinics, hospitals, NICUs, ORs, schools, and military medical facilities. Practitioners value its superior clinical capabilities, convenience, and ability to provide better patient care. Newborn hearing screening programs report that Integrity enables timely diagnostic testing and intervention, and significantly reduces loss to follow-up rates.

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Widex Highlights Clear440 and Clear Fusion Models

Clear440 and Clear Fusion are the most advanced hearing instruments that Widex has ever developed. Wireless InterEar functionality means Clear440 and Clear Fusion models communicate with each other instantly and constantly, so patients can experience exceptionally clear and natural sound quality in both ears. Phone Plus (in Clear 9 and Fusion models) transmits phone signals wirelessly between hearing aids, enabling patients to hear landline and cell phone calls in real time, directly in BOTH hearing aids. The Widex-only patented InterEar Zen Program is a promising sound therapy tool for tinnitus management. Other features include the Audibility Extender, Advanced High Definition Locator, Speech Enhancer, 3D TruSound, InterEar Active Feedback Canceling, and more.

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