Chattanooga, Tenn — Clarity, the manufacturer of amplified telephones and other devices for those with hearing loss, has moved its headquarters. The new building will include advanced acoustic testing equipment, as well as solar panels to reduce energy costs.

In addition to expanding office space, Clarity has invested in a new acoustic laboratory that will be equipped with a high-tech acoustic measurement chamber, which is professionally engineered to isolate measurements from all types of environmental noise and interference. The chamber will enable Clarity’s engineering team to make precise measurements of not only telephone handsets, but also speakerphones.

The acoustic lab will also be equipped with a head and torso simulator (HATS) that accurately models the human head and ear to best measure the human experience customers have with Clarity products. As the amplified phone industry transitions to HATS-based measuring standards, Clarity will be well positioned to design and deliver products that meet ever tighter standards of performance.

Aside from the laboratory upgrades, the new location at 6131 Preservation Drive, Chattanooga, Tenn, has a set of new solar panels that will reduce Clarity’s greenhouse gas emissions by 898 tons of CO2 over 25 years, which is the equivalent to planting nearly 36,000 trees. Beyond the environmental benefits, Clarity is projected to save 32% on its electricity bill every month.

All conference rooms and workstations will be Lync Online accessible, as Clarity moves to unified communication solutions across the entire workplace, enabling its employees to receive one message across different mediums.

SOURCE: Clarity