Seamlessly transition hearing solutions to meet evolving needs of patients


As the lifestyles and hearing needs of patients evolve over time, they can try a higher technology with no obligation, and choose to purchase an upgrade based on their experience. Keep it simple for your patients and bring the comfort of future-proof hearing solutions to your clinic with FLEX:UPGRADE.


With FLEX:UPGRADE, it’s no longer about simply selling a hearing instrument. It’s about empowering your patients with flexible and effective options throughout their hearing care journey.

Here’s how it works: if individual patient needs, or lifestyles change, you can upgrade to a higher technology level within already-purchased instruments. The best part is that there’s no instrument swapping necessary. All they have to do is pay the difference between the technology levels.

Empower your patients with future-proof hearing solutions and builds stronger trust in the clinic. It’s the best of both worlds.


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Amazing experiences come out of the Blu

Meet our Blu family of hearing aids. Designed to empower your clients throughout their journey with easy in-the-moment personalization and seamless Made For All connectivity.

All of Unitron’s hearing instruments on the Blu platform are designed with a focus on aesthetics, comfort, and ease of use.

Download this introductory packet on the Blu platform to learn about the features, benefits, customizations and additions to the Blu platform that your patients can enjoy:

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