Jeff Geigel, president of Helix Hearing Care Center, and hockey legend Gordie Howe, at the company’s annual general meeting held near Ottawa.

Employees of the Helix Hearing Care Centre, Cumberland, Ontario, recently gathered at their annual general meeting outside of Ottawa, where President Jeff Geigel emphasized the importance of supporting communities and educating the public on hearing health care—and announced that hockey great Gordie Howe is Helix’s new spokesman.

In addition to extensive training on the latest technologies for those with hearing loss, Helix staff members attended an Ottawa Senators hockey game. Before the game, Geigel advised meeting attendees that hockey great Gordie Howe is Helix’s new spokesman. The company plans to boost hearing care awareness throughout Canada through its association with the prominent Canadian figure. The company says Howe has a hearing impairment that used to impact his daily life, but that after addressing it, he is able to fully enjoy social activities and events.

The crowd at the game gave Howe a 2-minute standing ovation. “Hockey is a perfect example of a daily Canadian activity which can only be fully enjoyed if you’re hearing properly," said Howe. "I cannot imagine being successful on the ice without being completely aware of your surroundings, and I cannot imagine being an avid spectator without hearing the sounds of the game,” said Howe, who sported new hearing aids and his newest team jersey—the Helix Hearing Care jersey.

[Source: Helix]