Starkey Hearing Technologies is partnering with silver-zinc battery manufacturer ZPower to develop a new type of rechargeable battery and recharging system that will be used with Starkey’s hearing aids.

Utilizing silver-zinc rechargeable technology that originated in aerospace and military applications, Starkey and ZPower have been working together for the past 4 years on development and field-testing of a battery system that will not only be rechargeable, but also generate less environmental waste as compared to disposable batteries and be recyclable.

“We’re very pleased that Starkey Hearing Technologies partnered with ZPower,” said Ross Dueber, President and CEO of ZPower.  “Our rechargeable, silver-zinc chemistry delivers nearly twice the energy of nickel metal-hydride batteries currently used in rechargeable hearing aids. This means patients can be confident their battery will last all day.”

SOURCE: Starkey Hearing Technologies