Serene Innovations, Inc., Norwalk, Calif, will again be among the exhibitors at this year’s annual Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Convention in Salt Lake City, June 22-24, where they will preview their latest assistive technology at Booth #310, the company announced.

The 15-year-old healthcare and communications product developer will debut pre-production samples of two smartphone-based notification devices, due for release in late August or September: the iL-100 InstaLink Wearable Smartphone Alert and SS-201 Wireless Super Bed Shaker. Both of Serene’s new Bluetooth®-enabled, smartphone app-driven devices can help make life easier for people of all ages and hearing abilities.

The iL-100 InstaLink Smartphone Alert allows users to see what’s coming in on their smartphone anytime, anywhere! According to Serene Innovations, the lightweight and stylish wristband watch connects to iPhone or Android phones via Bluetooth. Once the included app is set up, a quiet, yet powerful vibration and discreet flashing light will alert the wearer to any calls, text messages, medication reminders, or selected social media notifications. Different icons show at a glance where an incoming message is coming from, even if the phone in located in a purse, pocket, or across the room.

The SS-201 Wireless Super Bed Shaker makes oversleeping a thing of the past for anyone from hard-sleeping teenagers to hard-of-hearing seniors! The powerful, high-tech bed shaker is designed to wake up even the deepest sleeper on time, every time, using the included smartphone app, said Serene Innovations. Users simply pair the Super Bed Shaker via Bluetooth to an Android or iPhone and set their desired alarm schedule for each day of the week. When slipped under a pillow or mattress before bedtime, its progressively strong vibrations are sure to wake up any sleeper when the alarm goes off. What’s more, the SS-201 retains all alarm settings independent of the smartphone app, and its battery lasts 45 days between charges with normal use. The Super Bed Shaker can also be programmed for phone calls, message alerts, and other notifications.

In addition to these items, Serene Innovations will also be displaying most of its assistive product lines at the HLAA Convention, including amplified landline phones, cell phone amplifier, private television listening speakers and headsets, two-way paging system, hearing aid cleaning/drying accessories, alarm clocks, notification systems, and more. All Serene products will be available to order for 20% off at its dealers’ booths, ADCO Hearing Products (#500) and Harris Communications (#215).

Source: Serene Innovations, Inc.