Purple Communications Inc has unveiled SmartVP, a videophone that combines the latest in technology partly based on Google’s Android platform. It includes a wide array of smart applications and features that can help deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals communicate.

The SmartVP videophone features true HD quality and a range of other smart features. SmartVP provides users with crisp, video conversations through their televisions. By simply pressing one button on the SmartVP remote, users can make a call using video relay service (VRS), allowing individuals to connect directly with each other or communicate with hearing people in real-time via American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Purple partnered with Tely Labs, to develop SmartVP. Based on the telyHD™ video calling device, SmartVP was built on the Android operating system and features an HD camera with a wide-angle lens that can send and receive video up to 720P HD from one SmartVP to another.

SmartVP is reportedly the first videophone to feature applications. Through SmartVP’s interface, users Purple SmartVP-med
can access the apps at any time, even during a call. They can check out select YouTube channels, stay up-to-date on weather, order pizza through an exclusive Yellow Pages® app, or find the closest show times for captioned movies through the Captionfish app. The platform is also equipped with a full deaf movie library. 

SmartVP includes two 360 degree bright flashers and is compatible with Sonic Alert® so users never miss incoming calls, even when in another room.

SmartVP apps and features include:

  • Yellow Pages:  Look up local businesses and then save the phone number to the contact list or instantly call the number directly on the SmartVP.
  • Single phone number:  SmartVP and all Purple products use a single phone number, allowing users to be reached on the same number at home, at work, or on-the-go. Other VRS providers require separate numbers for different products.
  • Remote control:  With one touch, users can begin a phone call from anywhere in the room thanks to a powerful yet easy-to-use remote.
  • Entertainment center and apps:  Smartphones go beyond simply making a call by incorporating apps and entertainment. SmartVP will become integral to customers’ lives with powerful apps, such as Yellow Pages, a deaf video center, YouTube channels, local weather, and the ability to search the latest playing captioned movies using Captionfish.
  • Simplified contact lists:  Contact lists are shared across multiple devices and the contact information can be updated online—both firsts for VRS users. Users can save up to five numbers for one contact. Rather than arduously scrolling, users can type the area code to locate a number or add friends and family they call the most to a favorite contacts list immediately shown when signed on. Plus, contacts can be pulled up while on the call.
  • PurpleMail:  SmartVP features PurpleMail™—a message system that allows users to have a personal outgoing message in ASL and receive messages from callers in ASL.
  • Text chat: During the call, the ASL interpreter can type out important information, such as addresses or phone numbers, from the hearing caller, which can then be sent to the user’s email. Similarly, the deaf party can type out information for the interpreter to relay to the hearing caller. To ensure privacy, the text chat is subsequently erased from the interpreter’s screen.
  • Multiple users: Multiple users, such as spouses, roommates, or family members, can easily switch back and forth between accounts without logging out. For privacy, a personal identification number (PIN) can be set to limit access. 
  • Voice carry over (VCO):  Built-in speakers and microphones for voice carry over (VCO) allow a deaf individual who prefers to use his/her own voice when making a call to speak directly to the caller.

With a phased approach, Purple will roll out SmartVP market-by-market using a one-on-one installation process to ensure customer service and quality. For more information on SmartVP, visit http://www.purple.us/SmartVP.

SOURCE: Purple Communications