In partnership with AVAA and MAA, Oticon Government Services debuts their latest research and developments at JDVAC

Oticon Government Services participated in the Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference (JDVAC), the annual meeting between the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA) and the Military Audiology Association (MAA).

The Oticon exhibit offered training and hands-on experience with Oticon More by Government Services team members, and displayed the comprehensive portfolio of Oticon technology available through Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.  Conference participants were introduced to the Oticon Companion app, which allows veterans to control and personalize their hearing aids with features to “find my hearing aid” for lost devices, manage connected devices, and receive remote counseling and programming from their hearing care professional when needed. 

During the conference’s educational podium and poster sessions, Thomas Behrens, Chief of Audiology, Oticon A/S and Senior Researcher Sébastien Santurette, shared the newest research on advances in amplification of sudden sounds and improved listening support in wind situations. The Oticon Government Services team also conducted a special pre-conference training seminar for VA audiologists, focused on Oticon More and the features of the Polaris platform.

For additional information about Oticon More and to view Oticon’s portfolio of products and accessories available through the Veterans Affairs Administration, visit the Oticon website.

Source: Oticon Government Services

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