The International Hearing Society has scheduled its 58th Annual Convention and Exposition in San Diego on October 14 to 17. The following descriptions were furnished by the respective companies and are offered as a preview of convention exhibits. For more event information, see the preliminary program or visit

audifon USA

The newest addition to the audifon RITE premium line, the elia, is automatically the right choice. This automatic hearing system works on a situation detection algorithm (Sound Dynamix), which differentiates between various acoustical situations. By detection, the settings for directionality, compression, and noise management are optimized for the current listening situation. Along with these features, audifon has added datalogging for monitoring the hearing system’s usage, Auto-Telecoil, eight channels, 16 frequency bands, and peak values of 111/50, all in an ergonomic 312 case. Come to booth 412 and see how we can automatically change your idea of hearing systems.

(800) 776-0222

Audina Hearing Instruments Inc

Audina Hearing Instruments Inc is excited to showcase their new flx, SPARO 12, and INTELLIO digital hearing instruments at the IHS Convention. These three new products offer the latest in nanotechnology, revolutionary adaptive feedback cancellation systems, and a number of advanced standard features. Stop by the Audina booth 125 at IHS for a demo of these new instruments.

(800) 223-7700

Beltone Electronics

Beltone has recently expanded its product line offering to include the Beltone Touch, a new family of instruments for mild-to-severe hearing losses. Beltone Touch uses “microphone-in-concha” technology. This microphone placement leads to less chance of feedback while taking advantage of the acoustic resonance of the pinna, and shielding the microphone from wind noise. Stop by Beltone booth 220/222 to learn more about Touch and available partnership opportunities.

(800) 621-1275

Care Credit

Cost is a primary reason why patients do not buy hearing aids. We invite you to visit the CareCredit booth 608 at the IHS Convention and Expo in San Diego where you’ll have the opportunity to find out how to help more patients accept your recommendation by offering CareCredit’s No Interest and Low Interest Extended Payment Plans.

(800) 859-9975

Ear Technology Corporation

The revolutionary Clik open-fit BTE brings you instant fit capability without cables or computers, and without having to learn any new and complicated software. Meanwhile, the TransEar 380-HF for single-sided deafness is turning heads with its natural sound and phenomenal speech scores. Dry & Store is how we started this record of innovation, and innovation with a purpose remains our hallmark. We’re Ear Technology. Helping people hear better, every day. Visit booth 808 to learn more.

(800) 327-8547

Hal-Hen Company Inc

Visit our booth for a demonstration of the new EarView Versatile Video Otoscopy System. EarView combines cerumen management, examination, and documentation of the ear canal, and accurate otoblock placement in one lightweight, portable package. In addition, the company offers more than 4,000-plus items for hearing care, such as assistive devices, FM systems, Bluetooth/loop systems, impression materials, batteries, diagnostic equipment, Earlites, earmold supplies, tools, cerumen management, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, and much more. Visit booth 320 to learn more.

(516) 294-3200

Maico Diagnostics

Maico Diagnostics is well known for our full line of hearing screening equipment. Our products are easy to use, portable, and lightweight. With the most popular OAE equipment in the country, the new EroScan Pro is the only handheld OAE-TYMP combination device in the world! Visit us at booth 707, to learn more about our products and special promotions.

(888) 941-4201

MedRx Inc

IHS will present SunSational sounds and MedRx will present a sensational explosion of progressive products. All attendees are invited to the MedRx booths 215 and 217 to see the superb quality and innovative concepts that will exceed their expectations. As practitioners participate in hands-on demonstrations, they will recognize the value of the MedRx product line to their hearing care practice, and what a huge return they can realize on a small and wise investment.

(888) 392-1234

ReSound US

Six new products, one breakthrough sound. Surround Sound by ReSound is revolutionary technology that delivers amazingly rich and detailed sound quality. This surround sound processor treats bass and treble separately, and applies additional proven technology from ReSound, to ultimately handle sound as the natural ear is designed to do. Your patients experience sounds the way they were meant to be heard. Stop by the ReSound booth 514/516 to learn about six new products with one breakthrough sound.

(800) 248-4327


The National Board for Certification is an independent, nonprofit credentialing organization. It was established in 1981 to promote continuing competency assurance of hearing health professionals, and to provide a standard of excellence in hearing care for consumers. It is the only board-certification program in the hearing care industry accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Take the National Competency Exam at the convention. (You must preregister.) Be the Best. Be Board Certified. For more information, visit booths 219/221.

(734) 522-2900


Rexton offers optimized hearing instrument technology, superior value, and a small-company touch. For more than 50 years, Rexton has built relationships with hearing care professionals to help make better hearing more accessible for every patient. This fall, we’ll offer even more choices in our already popular Cobalt, Bridge, and Insite product families. Visit us and experience the Rexton difference. Stop by booth 509 to learn more.

(800) 876-1141


Phonak is the trusted innovation leader, offering easy and intuitive solutions. We strongly believe that the benefits of our advanced technology should be available to everyone. That’s why we have a CORE-based Phonak product for every degree of hearing loss, every budget, and every lifestyle. Our CORE Collection—including our latest products Exelia Art, Naida IX, Nios Micro, and Audeo Yes, and a range of new phone and TV solutions, micro Petite, FM transmitters, and SlimTop Soft—represents the most sophisticated audio-processing platform in the industry. Visit booth 407 for more information.

(800) 777-7333

Right Hear Network

Membership in the Right Hear Network is open to licensed hearing professionals. Network members receive business solutions and marketing support to build wealth and enhance practice value. Members have exclusive access to WOW! Invisible Hearing, a 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device that is inserted into the ear canal. For more information, visit booth 410 at IHS and go to our Web site.

(888) 784-3271

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative hearing instruments. At Siemens, our goal is to help restore the beauty of sound for all people living with hearing loss. We are proud to introduce two exciting hearing solutions: Nitro, a family of powerful instruments perfect for people with severe hearing loss, and Explorer, the only solution designed just for children. Why miss a decibel of life? For more information, stop by booth 121.

(800) 766-4500


Passport delivers an impressive mix of breakthrough innovations, wireless connectivity, and smartFocus—pioneering technology that provides a new level of client control over listening preferences. These innovations work together, promoting clearer, more engaging communication. Shift, the ultra small BTE, shifts the perception of what is possible, delivering style that is smart, and beautiful form that has function. Available in fashion-forward colors, this nonwireless 10A CRT will be launched with the complete feature set of Passport. Plus, there will be many contemporary and interchangeable shell configurations available. Onboard control, leading edge design—make the move today. Visit booth 406 to learn more.

(800) 888-8882

Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations will be in booth #102/104 at IHS showcasing Sonic TouchTM, the smallest RIC product available. Sonic Touch is tiny in size, but generous in features with unmatched digital sound processing, automatic noise reduction, and incredibly simple program control. Offered at three technology levels, Sonic Touch has a choice of five base colors and 15 accent color clips for 75 stylish combinations. Sonic Touch also has the best moisture resistance out of any existing RIC product.

(888) 423-7834

Westone Laboratories Inc

For 50 years, Westone has been supplying the industry with the highest-quality earpieces and also offers one of the most extensive product and supply inventories for hearing care providers. At IHS, stop by booth 119 to learn more about our custom earpiece solutions for open-fit instruments, accessing the musician and audiophile markets, and marketing HPDs. Westone—dedicated to your success.

(800) 525-5071


Starkey will introduce a revolutionary new product to its S Series line this fall. More information to come. Visit booth 205 at IHS to find out more about this exciting new product.

(800) 328-8602


Widex offers their premier Mind series in both 440 and 330 hearing aids. The Mind330 offers patients dual integrated signal processing and a high-definition locator, noise reduction, multi-directional active feedback cancelling, audibility extender, Clear Band, SmartSpeak, and EcoTech II technology for low current drain and longer battery life. Mind330 models range from CICs to power directional BTEs (including open-fit and micro-sized models). Stop by booth 322 to learn more about Mind.

(800) 221-0188

IHS Convention Preliminary Program

Wednesday, October 14

7:00 am–12:00 pm:

Optional Golf Event at Torrey Pines

12:00–6:00 pm

Onsite Registration

1:30–6:00 pm:

Optional Pre-convention Seminar: Effective Management Strategies

7:00–10:00 pm:

Welcome Reception

Thursday, October 15

7:15 am–6:00 pm:

Onsite Registration

7:15–8:00 am:

Continental Breakfast

8:00 am–12:00 pm:

Chapter Leadership Conference

8:00–10:00 am:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
Basic Masking: Explanation and Procedure
Hearing Healthcare and the Age Boom

10:00 am–12:00 pm:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
Compression, Directional Microphones & Digital Noise Reduction
When Listening Environments Collide with Digital Technology

12:30–2:30 pm:

Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon

2:30–4:30 pm:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
Beyond Audiometrics: Building a “Tool Box” for Fitting Success
Top Ten Reasons for Hearing Aid Delight

6:00–10:00 pm:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
“Magical Midway”—Dinner, Tours, and Entertainment Aboard the USS Midway
Top Ten Reasons for Hearing Aid Delight

Friday, October 16

7:15 am–6:00 pm:

Onsite Registration

7:30–9:30 am:

Exhibit Hall Open (Includes Breakfast and Silent Auction)

9:30–11:30 am:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
Best Practices in Cerumen Management
The Perception of Sound
Counseling Adjustments for Advanced Technology

11:30 am–2:00 pm:

Exhibit Hall Open (Includes Lunch and Silent Auction)

2:00–4:00 pm:

Choice of Concurrent Seminars:
Common Clinical Encounters
Psychology of Changing Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations
Speech Mapping

2:00–4:00 pm:

Licensing Board Conference

4:30–6:30 pm:

Exhibit Hall Reception (Includes Live Auction)

Saturday, October 17

8:00–10:30 am:

Exhibit Hall Open (Includes Breakfast and Silent Auction)

10:30 am–2:00 pm:

Learn or Burn (General Session Seminar)

12:00–2:30 pm:

Awards Luncheon

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The 2009 I.H.S. Convention Preview. Hearing Review. 2009;16(10):36-39.