Hearing Technologies InnerScopeInc (OTCQB:INND) announced its “Hearing Better in America” marketing campaign with the newly enhanced re-launching of its www.nohasslehearing.com eCommerce Direct-To-Consumer (“DTC”) stores. With this enhancement and relaunch, the Company currently has two eCommerce DTC sales platforms dedicated to helping the hearing-impaired community find what it says are “easy and affordable” hearing solutions. The Company had previously announced its www.hearingbenefit.com DTC website for its Personal Sound Amplifier Products.

InnerScope is currently running a series of full-page ads in newspapers in four strategic markets within the United States as a pilot marketing program. The Company estimates the “Hearing Better in America” marketing campaign with its strategic targeted marketing strategy can up to reach 70% of the entire hearing-impaired population in the United States. The marketing campaign includes:

  • Direct access through its eCommerce DTC stores for more affordable hearing assistive products and hearing aid devices;
  • Educating consumers on the health risks associated with living with consequences of untreated hearing loss, including the increased risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s;
  • Full page newspaper ads in every major metropolitan targeted markets throughout the United State, giving consumers alternative hearing solutions by offering phone-in orders or directing them to either to go to www.hearingbenefit.com for Personal Sound Amplifier Products or to www.nohasslehearing.com for what the company says are “FDA-cleared” hearing aid devices;
  • Direct mail campaigns will follow or be in conjunction with the all the newspaper ads in all of the targeted markets designed to direct traffic to the eCommerce DTC websites sales’ platforms;
  • Satellite Radio ads will follow or be combined with the direct mail and newspaper ads in all targeted markets also designed to direct traffic to the eCommerce DTC websites sales’ platforms,
  • Online advertising and marketing campaigns to include social media. Using the power of targeting and retargeting the hearing-impaired community through Google, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, and other online advertising channels.

InnerScope believes with this new marketing strategy along with its enhanced eCommerce DTC sales platforms, the “Hearing Better in America” marketing campaign will not only cause a disruption in the traditional sales and delivery model within the hearing aid industry, but also will assist in increasing the importance of hearing health and the acceptance and adoption of hearing aids as part of a person’s overall health and well-being.

“We are excited about our ‘Hearing Better in America’ marketing campaign which will help the millions of people in the United States to reduce their health risks by treating their hearing loss,” said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies.

“Traditionally, the hearing-impaired community purchases hearing aids from a local hearing healthcare provider’s office or clinic. The cost of the hearing aids is bundled with their services and office overhead, which drives up the cost for the consumer. Also, hearing aids were solely designed for the hearing healthcare provider to fit and adjust the hearing aids, not the consumer,” said Moore.

“Although, InnerScope is not a substitute for the hearing healthcare providers and the needed audiological services they provide, when the time comes for the consumer to purchase hearing aids, InnerScope is a viable option,” said Moore.

Source: InnerScope