Hearing care clients are now able to access professional hearing care—including fine-tuning and adjustments to their hearing aids— through an app on their smartphone, according to an announcement from Unitron.

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With this new technology, Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) can send adjustments directly to an app on the client’s smartphone, allowing the client to select when and where they want to apply the adjustments to their hearing aids. Giving clients control of when hearing aids are optimized “empowers them to manage their hearing care outside of clinic hours or protocols.” Providing remote adjustments helps allow clients who live in remote regions, face accessibility or health issues, and experience scheduling conflicts, to access the healthcare they need at a time that’s most convenient for them, Unitron says.

“Businesses are rapidly adapting in response to customer needs, and we know hearing care should be part of that too,” said Shaun Coghlan, senior product manager of eSolutions at Unitron. “With remote adjust, we’re making it possible to receive the high level of care they’re used to without the worry of trying to get into the clinic. ”

Remote and client-centered services are growing in demand, with a rising trend of consumers wanting more independence over their healthcare and the ability to dictate when they receive medical services. According to Health Quality Ontario , COVID-19 forced many non-emergency clinics to pause elective procedures and limit the number of patients attended to in the spring of 2020, increasing clinic wait times. Ultimately, remote adjust is a “unique solution for all hearing care clients at a time when access to services is more difficult.”

“With remote adjust, HCPs can modify gain and compression for each sound environment to help people enjoy better hearing,” said Coghlan. “You don’t have to be in the same place at the same time to provide a high level of professional support.”

With Unitron’s remote adjust technology, clients decide “what is right for them and how much control they want to take with their hearing aid settings, ensuring they can be active participants in their hearing care.”

“We know exceptional service that helps people get the most from their hearing solution is important and can extend beyond the clinic,” said Sandra Fulton, VP Group Marketing. “With remote adjust, HCPs and clients can feel confident in support and performance, contributing to a better hearing care experience.”

Source: Unitron