InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: INND) announced their preferred vendor status with Samplified International BV. Samplified’s US subsidiary, the Boulder, Colo-based  Samplified-Audio LLC (aka, Samplified US) was recently announced as the winner of the National Science Foundation’s “National Hearables Challenge” for its Clementine Wear Audio Software Platform. Samplified is the developer of SnowOwl, its first product using the Clementine Wear platform. SnowOwl was designed as a programmable audio companion for personalized sound experience in a variety of situations and, according to the company, is the first hearable and wearable product with Clementine Wear built inside.

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The Clementine Wear platform is a cloud-based service platform supported via Android or iOS-based apps that are designed to provide full Bluetooth Low Energy functionality, including audio streaming, over-the-air firmware upgrades and updates, remote screening, programming, and fitting, according to Samplified. The Clementine Wear platform is designed to be compatible with wireless consumer audio products, hearing protection for occupational health and sports/leisure activities, and conventional hearing aids.

Matthew Moore, INND CEO, said, “With the announcement of Clementine Wear as the winner of the ‘Hearables Challenge,’ our company, with its arrangement with Samplified, is very proud and extremely excited to be a US distributor of this new hearable/wearable audio platform product. SnowOwl can be controlled by the user through the Clementine Wear apps with any iPhone or Android smartphone. This allows anyone, anywhere, to customize their hearing needs to improve speech understanding in any situation, even in the presence of background noise.

“INND, with its preferred vendor arrangement plans on manufacturing its own private label hearable/wearable products through leveraging Samplified’s manufacturer relationships. This will not only give INND the right to manufacture and distribute to audiology practices and/or direct to consumers under the product name SnowOwl, but also gives us the right to develop our own private label SnowOwl product as well as other hearing amplification devices that uses the cloud-based Clementine Wear audio software platform. INND will also be one of the first to receive the shipment of products sometime before Christmas 2017.”

Source: InnerScope Hearing Technologies

Image: InnerScope Hearing Technologies