Essentials of Audiology, 4th Edition Thieme Publishing Group has recently released Essentials of Audiology, Fourth Edition in hardback, a book that has been described as encompassing “…everything from hearing science and psychoacoustics to hearing conservation and basic audiometry…explaining it at a beginner’s level while providing a more in-depth look for the more experienced.”

The latest edition of the book, which is edited by Stanley A. Gelfand and is now available through the ebookstore on the Thieme website, as well as through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes, is said to be presented in a more user-friendly format, with a four-color design. It includes the latest scientific and clinical knowledge to give audiology students a solid understanding of core audiologic concepts. Thieme reports that every essential topic in audiology, from acoustics and anatomy to auditory disorders and hearing loss, is covered in this book.

Key features of Essentials of Audiology, Fourth Edition include coverage of new technology for electrophysiological assessment as well as bone-anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants; expanded discussion of management techniques, now in two separate chapters; more than 300 full-color illustrations; questions and answers at the end of each chapter for study and review of essential topics, and an extensive bibliography with references to current literature.

According to Thieme, Essentials of Audiology, Fourth Edition is considered to be an indispensable reference for undergraduate and first year graduate students in audiology, as well as a valuable resource for speech and language pathology students. With thorough coverage of the essentials of clinical practice, this new edition is also a good refresher for audiologists and speech-language pathologists who are starting out in their practice.

For more information about the new book, visit the Thieme website.

Source: Thieme Publishing Group