Advanced Bionics, Valencia, Calif, the only US-based manufacturer of cochlear implants, is broadcasting a series of online chats with Jeff Greiner, president and CEO.

The first two chats in June allowed participants to talk in a personal and informal way with the man helming the company. The first chat focused on the company’s commitment to putting patients first and looked at ways to better do so, says the company.
In a statement released by the company, Greiner noted that it is critical to maintain an open and direct line of communication with recipients, audiologists, clinicians, surgeons, and others.
During the second chat, titled “Building a Reliable Cochlear Implant System,” Greiner discussed the qualities that make AB cochlear implants highly reliable, including a 99.6% 2-year cumulative survival rate and advanced water protection, says the company. Early July’s “Ease of Use and Aesthetics of AB’s Cochlear Implant System” chat covered the options available to implant recipients to fit their lifestyles, from a comfortable all-behind-the-ear option for adults to a some-on-the-ear option for small children (with the processor over the ear and the battery clipped to clothing). Upcoming chats will cover the following themes, but will not be limited to them:
July 21 — AB is Delivering the Best Hearing Performance
August 4 — Making it Easy on Your Journey to Hearing
August 25 — Supporting Patients’ CI Insurance and Reimbursement Needs
September 8 — Supporting Every Generation of AB Recipient
October 13 — AB Around the World: The Making of a Global Company
November 3 — AB: We’re Here so You Hear
The chats begin at 5 pm PDT (8 p.m. EDT), and last roughly an hour. Click here to learn more about the chats and how to participate. Pre-registration is not required to join the discussions.

Advanced Bionics is the only American manufacturer of cochlear implants—the only technology approved by the FDA to functionally restore a human sense, according to the company.

[Source: Advanced Bionics]