Rexton’s new TwinCore Technology platform is now available in three new hearing instrument lines: Strata 2c, Finesse 2c, and Accord 2c. The TwinCore platform has more processing power at higher
speeds and is designed to improve first fit acceptance. Rexton TwinCore opt

For years, feedback has been addressed with a combination of phase cancellation and gain reduction. Speech understanding in challenging environments has also improved with TwinCore, which now provides the necessary gain and speech understanding with no risk of feedback. Through TwinCore, new hearing instruments constantly learn which situations trigger feedback and automatically adjust before feedback can occur.

Because Rexton’s TwinCore hearing instruments are constantly learning how to respond to different sound environments, this new platform improves the ability to provide an accurate first fit and a high level of immediate user acceptance.

The new hearing aids include the Strata 2c, a discreet, high-tech RIC hearing instrument designed for wearers looking for a convenient solution that caters to their busy lifestyle. With Rexton’s Blu Link connectivity, Strata 2c keeps wearers connected to all of their electronic devices.

Finesse 2c provides high definition sound and sophisticated features in a modern, compact housing. Available in a full product line, Finesse 2c is designed to fit the lifestyle and listening needs of a wide range of patients.

The Accord 2c is available in both custom and behind-the-ear (BTE) models. It’s designed to give listeners the best of TwinCore technology’s features packed into comfortable hearing solutions.

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SOURCE: Rexton