Sophono is launching the second generation of its Alpha bone conduction hearing device at the American Academy of Otolaryngology meeting in September. The new Alpha 2 includes a new sound processor as well as other features.

The Sophono Alpha is an FDA approved abutment-free, implantable, bone-anchored hearing device that uses magnets to attach an audio processor to a patient’s skull, eliminating abutment issues, such as infections that can occur from surgical implants.

According to the company, Alpha has a low complication rate and uses a small incision that heals quickly and completely. Sophono adds that the low complication rate results in activation times of approximately 30 days.

Alpha is designed for individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss or impairment, specifically those with conductive hearing loss (outer or middle ear), mixed hearing loss (both middle and inner ear), and single-ear deafness. The company says that the Alpha 2 can now help children with aural artesia and microtia, as well as individuals with chronic inflammation or infection of the ear canal, and others unable to wear traditional hearing aids.

The Alpha 2’s new features also include:

  • Symmetric function – One device fits either ear
  • Dual microphone directionality – Reduces amplification of background noise for better speech understanding in noisy situations
  • Tamper-proof battery door for enhanced pediatric safety
  • Integral DAI connection for FM systems, personal music players, and mobile phones

SOURCE: Sophono Inc