Sensaphonics Golden Circle seminar participants (l to r): Cynthia Earle; Thom Fiegle, Sensaphonics sound engineering consultant; Sandra MacLean-Uberuaga; Ian MacLean; Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci; and Julia Shih.

Audiology professionals at a recent 2-day training event hosted by Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation Inc, Chicago, gained specialized knowledge and hands-on training to serve the unique needs of musicians and audio engineers, according to the company.

Sensaphonics specializes in providing custom earphone products and services for musicians.

All four attendees graduated from the Golden Circle audiology seminar and became members of Sensaphonics’ Golden Circle network. The new members are: Cynthia Earle, Asheville Audiology Services, Asheville, NC; Ian MacLean, Washington Audiology, Seattle; Sandra MacLean-Uberuaga, Alaska Occupational Audiology, Anchorage, Alaska; and Julia Shih, Love Hearing Services, Pasadena, Calif.
Seminar topics detailed how musicians and sound engineers differ in needs and attitudes from typical audiology clients, says the company. Attendees learned how in-ear monitoring works, such as system design and stage setup, and the importance of regular hearing tests, personal fittings, and education on exposure times and safe system operation. Because touring musicians often require house calls at performance venues, there was a special emphasis on backstage etiquette.

A hands-on training session included a live band, led by Sensaphonics sound engineering consultant Thom “Sound Guy” Fiegle. Seminar attendees experienced typical stage monitor wedges and in-ear monitoring, learned to take in-the-ear sound level measurements, and interacted with sound engineers and musicians in a real-world setting, says the company.

“We think it’s important that audiologists take a more active role when working with musicians,” said audiologist Michael Santucci, AuD, the company’s president, in a statement released by the company. “It’s important that hearing professionals do more than just take ear impressions for these customers." Santucci says the Golden Circle seminars are designed to help meet the unique needs of the music industry.

Click here for a referral list of Sensaphonics-certified Golden Circle audiologists. Audiologists who are interested in joining the Sensaphonics referral network or attending future seminars should call the company at (877) 848-1714.

Sensaphonics designs and manufactures custom-fitted earphones to achieve safe, high-resolution audio in mission-critical applications. In addition to its primary customer base of professional musicians and sound engineers, the company’s products are used exclusively on all manned NASA missions and by all Indy Racing League drivers, according to the company. Other significant markets include houses of worship, broadcasting, aeronautics, theater, and personal listening, the company says.

[Source: Sensaphonics]