Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, has donated $12,980 in hearing aid product to two Ohio children who suffer from hearing loss. Luebbe Hearing Service Inc, Columbus, Ohio, donated the service and treatment for the hearing aids.

Madison Evans and Rachel Taylor each received a set of Sonic’s Velocity miniBTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids, and both children received custom ear molds for the devices.

Evans, 9, has sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. Donna Stimson-Ramey, Luebbe Hearing Service audiologist, says this type of hearing loss involves a reduction in sound level and can also affect speech understanding and the ability to hear clearly.

Taylor, 17, has mild hearing loss in both ears, which fluctuates in severity due to her frequent ear infections.

Kathy Evans, Madison’s mother, says the child needed hearing aids but the family’s insurance did not cover the cost. "Sonic Innovations stepped in and donated the hearing aids," she says, adding that since then, Madison is faring better in school. "Before the donation, her teacher would have to speak into a microphone and Madison would have to wear headphones. Now, with her new hearing aids, she doesn’t need that anymore and can participate like the other kids."

Sonic Innovations designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced digital hearing aids for hearing impaired consumers.

[Source: Sonic Innovations]