With Hearing on the Hill weeks away, supporters for the Hearing Aid Tax Credit now include Reps Linda Sanchez (D-CA-39) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR-3), who recently joined eight Ways and Means colleagues as co-sponsors of the bill. The total committee support for the measure is 10 Ways and Means committee members—seven Democrats and three Republicanswith 44 Representatives in all serving as co-sponsors. Many have attended events in their districts in support of the measure and voice dedication to its passage.

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Jeanine Gleba, the mother behind the recent passage of "Grace’s Law"—the New Jersey children’s hearing aid insurance named for her daughter – was interviewed   in the Deafness Research Foundation’s Hearing Health magazine. Jeanine strongly advocates for the Hearing Aid Tax Credit and directs readers to the Better Hearing Institute‘s Web site.

[Source: Hearing Industries Association]