Stäfa, Switzerland – The Phonak Spice platform has been improved: Spice+ is an upgrade that encompasses enhanced signal processing, an intuitive fitting software, and several new products, including a new water resistant line and the smallest-ever Phonak custom hearing device. Spice+ is now available for the entire Spice portfolio.

Spice+ is now available for the entire Spice portfolio. New features use Phonak Zoom Technology, which enables new signal processing strategies for quiet environments. Phonak says that quiet environments offer a surprising variety of sounds that can greatly profit from a differentiated approach to amplification. With the new signal processing strategies implemented in Spice+, sounds embedded in a quiet environment are treated differentially, leading to true sound quality benefits, according to the company.

Spice+ also includes the latest version of its fitting software, Phonak Target 2.0, which streamlines workflow, simplifies the program manager, and adds other time-saving fitting features. Phonak says that no additional training is required, since the slight adjustments made to the software are intuitive. The end result should simplify fitting work flow and improving first fit acceptance.

Phonak is introducing several new products in the Spice+ portfolio, including a new line of water resistant solutions. Models include the M H2O, a Naída S CRT with an external receiver, and a Nios S H20, a new hearing aid for children and teenagers.

Spice+ will also have the smallest ever Phonak custom device, the Phonak nano, an aid that fits in the ear canal and is barely visible, but requires no special impression taking techniques, says Phonak.

Finally, Phonak Spice+ is launching Phonak ComPilot, a combined streamer and remote control device that can speak to patients using easy to follow voice alerts, enhancing the patient’s ease of use.

More information on the Spice+ products and enhancements is available on Phonak’s website.

SOURCE: Phonak