Plymouth, Minn — Sonus Hearing Care Professionals, a division of Amplifon, is working with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to educate diabetics, physicians, and the general public about the connection between diabetes and hearing loss.

ADA and Sonus are launching a new joint campaign that will include educational events and marketing materials throughout November, which is National Diabetes Month.

At the American Diabetes Association EXPO, Sonus will offer free screenings and educational seminars in collaboration with the 2011-12 American Diabetes Association Expo season, which draws roughly tens of thousands participants, particularly those living with diabetes.

During November 2011. Sonus’ corporate office and franchise owned locations will work with local ADA offices to distribute brochures to physician offices and educate patients on the correlation between diabetes and hearing loss.

In addition, Sonus will offer free hearing screenings and support ADA’s fundraising efforts for diabetes awareness.

On ADA’s website,, the organization will feature expanded content about hearing loss as a complication of diabetes. Featured content will include hearing impairment and strategies for dealing with it, and ADA will provide a link from the website’s "Treatment & Care" page to the newly added information related to hearing impairment.

Visitors to the ADA site will also have a link to the Sonus locator application, where they will be able to find a local Sonus practitioner to get a hearing screening and take part in Sonus discount programs.

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