Clarity, Chattanooga, Ttenn, a division of Plantronics, reports that its C4220 and C4230 amplified telephones and
Walker handsets comply with the TIA-1083 standard—a performance benchmark for digital cordless phones.

Hearing aid wearers using the  TIA-1083 compliant phones will experience significantly reduced problems with audio interference during conversations, the company says.

The TIA-1083 standard was designed by the Telecommunications Industry Association in conjunction with the Hearing Loss Association of American. Prior to publication in 2007, hearing aid users were prone to interference while using digital cordless telephones. Manufacturers can now use the TIA-1083 standard as a benchmark to improve conversations for people with hearing aids.

The Clarity C4230 offers the same ergonomic design, functions, and 50 decibel amplification with DCP as the C4220, but includes an amplified speakerphone in the handset and the base. Also, a variable speed playback digital answering machine allows users to check messages through the portable handset or the amplified speakerphone and to slow down message recordings to make them easier to understand.

The C4230 has been recognized by the Arthritis Foundation‘s Ease-of-Use Commendation program.

The Clarity C4220 uses patented Digital Clarity Power to intelligently amplify incoming sound up to 50 decibels, making conversations not only louder, but clearer and easier to understand, the company says. And the handset’s ergonomic design, inspired by an ice cream scooper, is user-friendly. It features a handset speakerphone, adjustable volume, tone and balance, and, visual and tactile ring indicators that help people with low vision.

Clarity offers a variety of handsets, pre-made and customized, under the Walker brand name. Products can be built to suit any system, whether customers require amplification, noise cancellation, or complex switch functions. The Clarity handset and test set lines are registered with and approved by the Federal Communications Commission and meet UL requirements.

Clarity is a supplier of amplified telephones, notification systems, assistive listening devices and other communications devices for the hearing loss and deaf markets. Its patented technologies, Clarity, Power, and Digital Clarity Power, provide customized solutions for customers who otherwise might not communicate easily and effectively with the outside world.