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iHear Introduces Web-Enabled Hearing System  AdnanShennib ConfCMP.2013.IIscreenshot

iHear Medical president Adnan Shennib recently introduced what it calls the world’s first web-enabled hearing aid system. The technology developed by San Leandro, Calif-based iHear Medical seeks to offer advanced hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost of available hearing aids, and in smaller form-factors for invisible wear, according to the company. In addition to offering dramatically lower cost and inconspicuous wear, the iHear™ system is reportedly designed to change the dispensing process by offering consumers online tools to administer the entire fitting process from hearing testing, to individualized calibration of the hearing device—all from the convenience of home.

Benson’s New System for Mobile Hearing Testers 

bas200slm-sound-level-meter Benson Medical Instruments, Minneapolis, offers help for mobile hearing conservation services struggling to meet OSHA’s ambient noise regulations as required by 29 CFR 1910.95 App. D. According to the company, its BAS-200slm, which is both a bio-acoustic simulator and a sound level meter, can help mobile testers reach that goal. As Benson explains, if the ambient noise exceeds OSHA’s limits during the test, the system automatically disregards that portion of it so the final audiogram consists only of results within legal limits and creates a legal record of the daily calibration check. The BAS-200slm also facilitates quiet-room testing for companies that find a sound booth impractical.; (612) 827-2222

FDA Approves Bone-anchored Hearing Aid Family  Oticon

Oticon Medical, Somerset, NJ, has announced that it has obtained 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Ponto Plus, the company’s newest family of bone anchored sound processors. The new sound processors are designed for use with Oticon Medical’s proprietary OptiFit™ and OptiGrip™ implant design concepts that have also been cleared by the FDA for use in tissue-preserving surgery. Built on the Inium platform, the latest chip technology from Oticon, the Ponto Plus family features a new powerful transducer, an efficient and innovative Inium feedback shield, and the newest Bluetooth 2.4 GHz wireless technology.; (888) 277-8014;

Starkey Launches Xino Classic  Starkey

Starkey Hearing Technologies, Minneapolis, has introduced the all-new Xino™ Classic. Available in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) 312, Xino Classic comes standard with a rotary volume control, making it ideal for patients who prefer a traditional way to easily control volume, according to the company. The company says the smaller, more sophisticated form factor of Xino Classic will help those who currently wear behind-the-ear (BTE) aids but are hesitant to transition to a RIC. The Xino Classic is designed for a variety of different hearing losses, can fit up to a 70 dB gain, and is available in six standard colors.; (800)-328-8602

Varta Power one Unveils New Hearing Aid Batteries

Power one, Ellwangen, Germany, recently showcased its new hearing aid batteries. According to the company, more than 150 of its VARTA microbattery researchers and developers designed these “wireless approved,” mercury-free cells in types 13 and 312. Innovative cathode technology and continuous high voltage ensure the purest sound and premium quality in the hearing aid, says the company. It adds that the new batteries are the optimum energy source for wireless devices and the latest generation of hearing aids as well as Bluetooth application.; (+49) 7961 921790

Headphones that Transmit through Skin and Bone  Able Planet

Able Planet Inc, Wheat Ridge, Colo, announces its Linx Fusion multi-sensory headphone. According to the company, Linx Fusion technology creates what it calls “The Live Sound Experience” for people with normal hearing, and connects people with hearing loss to the world of sound. Linx Fusion is reportedly the world’s first multi-sensory headphone that simultaneously transmits sound through skin, bone, and ear for unsurpassed sound quality, clarity, and speech intelligibility. The creation of these new headphones is a joint undertaking with Bayer MaterialScience’s ViviTouch®.; (877) 266-1979

Original citation for this article: Products. Hearing Review. 2014: January: 44.