Acoustibuds, from Burton Technologies LLC, Ludington, Mich, were a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award honeree in the headphone category.

Acoustibuds is an attachment for earbuds that makes them fit and feel better while enhancing the sound. They fit over most earbuds that come with MP3 players and those given out on airplanes. Made of flexible, hypoallergenic silicone rubber with five or six fins for comfortable fit, they feature an elastic band mounting that securely fits most earbuds. The fins are proportioned to easily flex, maintain contact, and stay in the ear, even with perspiration and movement. A twin-cone core delivers high fidelity by better directing the sound wave inside the ear canal.

The Acoustigrip is a micro-sized cord management clip that helps users keep control of earbud wires. The clip stays attached to earphones wires and can be clipped onto to a shirt to control slack and prevent tugging on the ears. It holds earphones wrapped around an MP3 player or phone.